How To Make Concrete Powder In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft Concrete Powder in Minecraft used as a building block when wet.
How To Make Concrete Powder In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft Concrete Powder in Minecraft

Concrete powder in Minecraft is similar to concrete powder in the real world; as a powder, it is very soft and isn’t the best material to use for building. It acts like gravel and sand when used to build and has a very grainy texture. But when the concrete powder is wet, it turns solid. It can be used for building just like any other block in the game, making it one of the most widely used building blocks in the game, especially for modern builds.

Here are the items you’ll need to craft Concrete Powder:

  • 4x Sand
  • 4x Gravel
  • 1x Dye of your choice
  • Crafting Table

How to craft Concrete Powder in Minecraft


Acquiring sand

Sand is a block affected by gravity and can be found in large quantities in the desert biome of Minecraft. You can pretty much get an unlimited supply of sand in deserts; the best way to acquire a lot of sand at a time is by using a shovel with the best possible enchantments and also a beacon if you can afford one!


Acquiring Gravel

Gravel is the other half that completes a concrete powder block in Minecraft. Gravel is similar to sand when it comes to block-physics; it can't stay afloat. If a block under it has been removed, it will fall down. You can also acquire a lot of gravel at a fast speed by using an enchanted shovel! You can also get flint when mining gravel!


Crafting white dye

Minecraft has a lot of different dyes to offer to the player; white dye is just one of them. To acquire white dye, you’ll have to get a hold of a flower called lily of the valley; it is a flounder that can be found throughout the plains biome in Minecraft, especially in the meadow biome! You can also craft the white dye using bone meal, as shown in the recipe above. You can get a lot of bone meal by killing skeletons at night!


Crafting Concrete Powder

Once you have all the necessary items at your disposal, simply put them on the crafting table according to the recipe shown above. You’ll have crafted your very own Concrete Powder in Minecraft.

To turn this concrete powder into regular concrete blocks, you’ll have to place the powder on a surface and then pour water on it, or you can place them directly in a waterlogged area.

What is the give command to get Concrete Powder in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself concrete powder: /give @p white_concrete_powder 1

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