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50 Best Minecraft Anime Skins

There you go. The best anime Skins in Minecraft
50 Best Minecraft Anime Skins

For anime lovers, finding and choosing an anime skin is incredibly hard to do many debate with choosing the right skin and the right costume for the character that they want. Then there is an issue with finding the right level of detail in the skin itself, some have too much while other skins feature a less textured design that some might not like at all. Recommended: image to minecraft skin converter

Naruto Skins

Naruto Uzumaki 

Believe it! I am going to become Hokage because my village is my family! Believe it! This skin may not have a lot of shading but the simplistic design could lend itself to having someone edit it to be a much more personal skin overall! One point to make, this skin is also entirely backwards, Naruto’s front is on the back of the player character. 


Many Naruto fans dislike Sakura due to her early on appearance and apparent lack of action at key moments during the initial Naruto anime. Sakura is the second member from Team 7 to be featured on this list. The detail is simple and the texture work is also simple.


Konoha’s Copy Ninja, We meet again. I also see that you're prepared for a fight already having your Sharingan out and activated. Good, the fights are always better when you’re trying your hardest to defeat me! The textures and the design of this skin is fantastic and will really make you feel like Kakashi! 

Kakashi Hatake *CHIDORI*

Looking for a Kakashi that is ready to fight? Currently, This Kakashi has started this signature attack of the Chidori. The Blue Lightning is in Kakashi’s hand and you can even hear the chirping sounds that this jutsu emits. Although, there is substantial less texture detail in this Kakashi model. 

Minato Namikaze

Minato was both Naruto’s father and Kakashi’s mentor, Sadly he passed away when he sealed the Nine-tailed fox into Naruto and his wife, Kushina, passed with him as well. One of the fastest Ninja which developed a way to teleport through the battlefield with ease. The fantastic detail of this skin is an ideal choice for any Naruto watcher that wants to feel like the Hokage.


Hi!!! I’m Tobi! I fight for the vengeance from the death of my teenage love of Rin. This skin shows the classic red clouds and the orange mask features just a single eye hole. As the other sharingan was given to Kakashi. The simple textured design looks great while not taking a lot of processing power. 

Akatsuki Deidera

The red clouded cloak is worn by the Deidera. Deidera has lost his arm in a fight but using his special body is able to form clay bombs. This skin is also reversed like the first skin, which means the back of Deidara is the front of your Minecraft character.


Pain is the unofficial leader of the Akatsuki, Pain has the Rinnegan that gives him a large number of extra abilities. ALMIGHTY PUSH! Pushing away his enemies utilizing just his special eyes. The Rinnegan are now seen on Sasuke, Pain was Jiraiya's apprentice before Naruto.

Damaged Pain Skin

Like the previous skin, this is Pain but this is Pain after his damaging fight against Naruto as seen in Naruto Shippuden. Naruto and Hinata both gave their all during this fight and this led to Pain.. Winning but he used his powers to resurrect the village. 

Naruto Shinobi

Are the previous skins just a bit too famous in the Naruto universe? Then this skin is perfect. It's one of the nameless heroes, a nameless Shinobi. We don't know this Ninja’s Jutsus or his various abilities that he has learned through the years. The headband doesn’t feature any village symbol sadly, but it seems like a Konoha shinobi.

Zero Two Akatsuki

Want to merge the worlds between Naruto and Darling in the FRANXX, then this skin sees Zero Two working as an Akatsuki. She may not have her mecha in this world but I’m sure that she has her own set of Justu’s that no doubt show how powerful she really is! 

Avatar: Last Airbender Skins

Avatar Aang

This is the non-avatar state Avatar aang, he is wearing the traditional airbender robes that ended up getting destroyed during his final fight against the firelord Ozai. The blue arrows are present but not glowing meaning that this isn’t the avatar spirit instead is just Aang. The clothes are a simple sash that goes across Aang's body with just simple pants and simple shoes.

Avatar State Aang Version 1

The state that the aang defeated the Firelord Ozai. The Avatar state is the combination of both experience and knowledge through all the previous generations of the Avatars. The skin stays very similar to the previous Aang skin but this one has its eyes glowing, signifying the power that he is now wielding is above his own experience. 

Kuzon (Aang in Fire Nation outfit)

Kuzon! The same Kuzon that started an underground dancing party in the Fire Nation to allow the children to learn not only how to dance but also how to have fun! The detail in this skin is great! And while Kuzon may not have a mouth he does have his solid grey eyes.‍

Aang The AirBender 

The original clothes that Aang was frozen in and stayed in for a long period of time in the show are now available for your Minecraft character! The texture and shading of this skin is ideal for any Avatar: The Last Airbender show! There is a simple blue arrow that has the shading and the eyes look fantastic.

Appa The Flying Bison

The Flying Bison named Appa has been with Aang through thick and thin without even a word against aang. From being frozen in the ice alongside aang to fighting against the Fire Nation with his fantastic armor! This skin is Appa up on his hind legs.

Katara: Book One

Katara found a boy in the ice one day when she had water bended cracks in the ice which had held the Avatar for over one hundred years. The clothing keeps her warm as she lives her life in the North Pole, where water bending is less likely among the population in the North Pole.

Katara Roaming the World

This is Katara after she meets Aang and agrees to follow him throughout the world with her brother sokka. She learns just how strong of a water bender she truly is when compared to other water benders of the southern water tribe. The simplistic design and the resemblance makes this a perfect choice. 

Katara (Fire Nation Outfit)

This is Katara when the Gaang hide out in the Fire Nation, She and Kuzon both help the students learn to dance by going through various water bending forms at the big, secret, and surprise party that he throws. She has her hair down and predominantly wears the color red to symbolise the fact that she is now in the Fire Nation. 


This is Katara and Sokka’s father who was fighting against the fire nation but gave himself up to allow the Avatar and his children to escape. Before his capture, Hakoda led the raid against the fire nation on the day of black sun. 

PonyTail Zuko

This is the first appearance of Zuko in the anime and the book. He has a ponytail to symbolise his honor and the burn on his face identifies him as the disgraced prince that needs to bring / kill the avatar to return his honor. The armor sadly doesn’t offer a competitive advantage but does offer an aesthetic advantage. 

Prince Zuko Fire Bender

Prince Zuko has more honor than even the great general Zhao, The great general defacing an Agni Kai just to win is very dishonorable to the Fire nation as a whole” - General Iroh. Zuko will regain his honor, or he may have never lost it, at least not truly! Fire igniting on his hangs shows his high amount of anger that Zuko still holds in his heart. 

Prince Zuko

Hi, I’m Zuko! No, no, no, no that’s not it. This Zuko is when he goes to join up with the Avatar gang and help teach the Avatar fire bending. This version of Zuko also met the last dragons and learned how to truly firebend, not from anger but from breathing. 

FireLord Zuko

This is old man Zuko, after having been Firelord through his entire life, while Katara and Toph may have stopped fighting. Zuko isn’t ready to stop fighting yet, He fights alongside Korra and her friends through various missions. He also references Iroh various times showing just how much Zuko has matured through the years.


This is Toph, the first metal bender who created the act of metal bending. The design features a young toph who travelled around the world with the Aang and taught him earth bending in her own tough love style of teaching. The design offers fantastic shading throughout the hair and the clothes of the Toph. 

King Bumi 

King Bumi is the elderly king of Omashu, he is Aang's childhood friend from over one hundred years ago.This skin is of buff King Bumi, he is an earthbending master which has claimed to be “the most powerful earthbender you’ll ever see”. The design of the skin offers little in the terms of shading but the players can still tell which Avatar character. 


Korra is the next generation of the Avatar, After Aang passes, Korra meets Raava and she gains fantastic power to fight in Republic city. A city which features benders from each nation living in harmony. 

My Hero Academia Skins

Izuku Midoriya

This is Izuku without his hero gear, thankfully Izuku can still call upon the power of One for All. This design features the clothing that is provided by U.A. and doesn’t feature any kind of way to support him when he is doing hero work. 


This skin shows off Deku’s support suit which is designed to support both his arms and his legs from the power that he holds. These support items include his iron soles which keeps his legs from repeatedly breaking like his arms had done.  

Bakugou Katsuki

Deku’s rival thinks he led to the downfall of the number one hero named All Might. One of the most aggressive future students in his training gear where he throws a ball up to 700 meters away. This is King Explosion Murder

Shoto Todoroki (Casual)

Shoto in just his standard casual clothing, when roaming the mall with his friends Lida, Deku. His hair shows off his quirk which gives him control over both ice on his right side and fire on his left side. But in these clothes the fire would ruin the casual design so he’ll refrain from using it unless he REALLY has to! 

Shoto Todoroki ( Fancy Clothes ) 

This is Shoto when he is looking fancy! Gold chain, ripped jeans and a rose designed shirt all makes this Shoto significantly different when compared to the last Shoto. If users want a much fancier ( and probably richer ) Shoto then this is a perfect choice for you! One interesting fact is that this Shoto doesn’t have his signature burn on his face.

Shoto Todoroki ( MHA Skin ) 

Shoto is ready for a fight now! Having Ice on the left side active and the right side features the fire on the left side. Shoto fights with both powers but he is much more comfortable with his ice rather than his fire power. The design looks fantastic with the hair texture and the blue suit won’t burn or freeze as easily. 

Mina Ashido

The break dancing hero Mina Ashido! She has the power of acid, she can change the acidity of the acid that she excreets. She does have to be careful though as if she isn’t careful, she can burn through her clothing. Another use of this acid is to allow her to easily slide on the ground. 


Tsuyu’s hero name is the Rainy Season Hero: Froppy. Her quirk is called Frog, which is a mutation-type quirk. This quirk gives Tsuyu frog-like anatomy, great leg strength, wall clinging, powerful extending tongue, and even fast swimming. Tsuyu also upgrades her quirk to include the ability to camouflage herself. 


Charged with the power of electricity Denki has taken the name of Stun Gun Hero: ChargeBolt. It’s pretty shocking when you think about it! He has a stunning amount of power at his disposal, no matter how drained his friends, he’ll charge right in and help out any way he can. Even if it's just charging their phones. 

Tomura Shigaraki 

Less of a hero? Feel more like a villain? Then the Tomura Shigaraki Skin is perfect for you! His quirk allows him to decay anything he touches with all five fingers. He uses this in combination with the plans laid out by his mentor, All of one. The white hair and the fantastic design is perfect for any villain leader! 


Not a leader? But the powerhouse of the team? Then Dabi is the perfect choice for you! His flames are so hot that they actually burn him as well as his enemies. His control over his flames are good, but he is completely unable to produce any non-blue flames. This shows that his flames are notably hotter than Shoto’s flames. 

Skins From Different Animes

Kid Goku (DragonBall) 

Before Goku could master Ultra-Instinct, he didn’t even know about Super Saiyan, instead he was focusing on training his body to the upper limit. Even Kid Goku naturally enjoys fighting and always wants to fight bigger and tougher opponents. Kid Goku faced men much older than him in the world’s martial arts tournaments, where he faced Tien for the first time. 

Lilac (Recovery of an MMO Junkie) 

The Lilac skin looks great with the light purple’s littered throughout and the large amount of texture in this skin. The purple eyes that this skin utilizes is perfect for any anime lover, especially if you enjoy the Recovery of an MMO Junkie. 

Koro-Sensei (Assassination Classroom)

The Koro-Sensei skin may not give you the ability to fly or move at incredible speeds, but this skin looks fantastic overall and features the significantly yellow color that Koro-Sensei is known for. You may not be able to fly to Italy for ice cream but you can get killed by a sword, just be glad that Minecraft has no guns in the game! 

Ash (Pokemon)

“I gotta catch them all!, Come on Pikachu. Let’s win this battle and get that gym badge!” - Ash Ketchum. The high detail on this skin looks fantastic, and looks perfect for any Pixelmon server. If used on a pixelmon server you can truly feel like a Pixelmon master!

The Best Hiro (Darling in the FRANXX)

Hiro is Zero Two’s partner in piloting the Strelizia. He also gets labelled as her Darling and later remembers their long past which they had together. This past was taken from him but he now has it back, and he can call Zero Two, his darling as well. 

Marceline (Adventure Time)

Marceline is the vampire queen, she uses her battle-ax guitar to fight against demons and surprisingly Marceline owns a large amount of the land of ooo. This is shown in her marking Jake and Finn’s house with her initial to show that she owns that tree and she attempts to kick them out. Eventually, she gives the tree to Jake and Finn and they all become friends, although Jake is still scared of her a bit. 

Tanjiro (Demon Slayer)

“Nezuko? NEZUKO?! Where is Nezuko?” - Tanjiro

Tanjiro is from the anime Demon Slayer where he fights countless demons to get enough experience to be able to change Nezuko back into a human. During this time, Tanjiro gains not only a fantastic array of skills but also a fantastic array of friends. 

Hajime Nagumo (Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest)

After being betrayed, Hajime has adapted to have not only more resistance but he uses his alchemy magic to create guns and even ends up creating a fully metal arm to replace his lost arm. Hajime has also lost his eye, but has turned his hair white after adapting to various Monsters. 

Jaeger (Attack on Titan)

Ready to take on the Titans? Will you join the scout division? This skin makes you want to bite your hand to become a titan and fight the titans on a one on one fight with them! The detail works fantastic overall, sadly this skin isn’t a specific Jaeger and is instead just a random Jaeger

Asuna (Sword Art Online)

“Kirito, Kirito? KIRITO!! We need to finish the next boss level! GET OUT HERE!!” - Asuna

This skin won’t trap you in a virtual world and won’t give you any special sword skills either. The detail in this skin looks fantastic and this skin is Asuna when she was a part of the Knights of the Blood Oath.

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood)

“I’ll show you how outclassed you really are!!” - Edward

This is Edward Elric after he lost his Gate of Truth and completely lost his ability to perform any type of transmutation. Edward Elric has gotten his brother’s body back. The detail in this skin includes Edward's brown overcoat which replaced his transmutation overcoat. 

Shinra Kusakabe (Fire Force)

“I will get back up as often as it takes, and each time, I won’t be beaten.” - Shinra Kusakabe 

A third-generation firefighter which can generate fire from his feet, allowing Shinra to fly around using his pyrokinetic power to propel himself forward. 

Are you an anime watcher and a Minecraft player and you want to merge your two interests? Then this list will have a skin for you! With the resurgence of interest in Avatar: The Last Airbender with a fifth season being announced and a live action show in development. 

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