How To Make Block Of Amethyst In Minecraft

Still thinking about crafting a block of amethyst? Say no more, as we designed an extensive guide for this.
How To Make Block Of Amethyst In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make a block of amethyst 

To make a block of amethyst, you have to place 4x amethyst shards on the first 2 rows of the 3x3 crafting table leaving the last box empty. This will get you a block of amethyst. 

  • 4x amethyst shards.
  • 1x crafting table
  • 1x Pickaxe

How to craft a block of amethyst 

#1 Get 4x Amethyst Shards

The very basic item you need to craft a block of amethyst is amethyst shards. For this, you have to find geodes. These are found in the overworld's underground. The amethyst shards can be found in the inner and last layer of geodes. Hold a pickaxe and collect these amethyst shards before they disappear.

Make sure you get enough amethyst shards because we are not going to visit it again and again.

#2 Place Amethyst Shards On A 3x3 Crafting Table

You need to arrange those amethyst shards on the crafting table so that the first two boxes of the two rows are filled with amethyst shards as shown in the picture below. This will get you a block of amethyst.

#3  Move Block Of Amethyst Into Inventory:

Now, finally, just drag it into your inventory and use it to beautify your building.

You can repeat the process again and again to get maximum blocks of amethyst.

What is the give command to get a block of amethyst 

The give command to get yourself a block of amethyst is “/give @p amethyst_block 1”.

We hope you liked the guide. You can explore to know what other things you can make with the block of amethyst.

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