6 Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

If you want an easy way to collect large amounts of important resources in Minecraft, take a look at our six best farm ideas which will change your playthrough.

6 Best Minecraft Farm Ideas
6 Best Minecraft Farm Ideas

Have you ever gotten tired of farming and collecting resources only by yourself? If you ever got in a position where that’s too much work for you, here you are going to read about Minecraft farm ideas that will make your playthrough much easier.

We’ve got a wide variety of Minecraft farm ideas that automatize harvesting all important resources in Minecraft, such as food, experience, and other necessities like gold and ender pearls. They are a must-have for every Minecraft world.

Chicken Farm

The Chicken Farm is one of the most well-known Minecraft farm ideas and, on this list, the easiest one to make. It’s one of the oldest farm ideas in Minecraft, that most players know, and you need to have it in your world.

You will need to know a little bit about Redstone for this farm idea. However, the way it functions is pretty simple, and the best part is that it will serve as an infinite food source. 

How To Build A Chicken Farm

  1. Build a 1x1 space with a hopper underneath a slab
  2. Place a bucket of lava on top of the slab
  3. Make sure the hopper is connected to a chest
  4. Put a dispenser behind the slab
  5. Build a redstone clock so it’s always running
  6. Make another 1x1 area where chickens lay eggs in the hopper
  7. Breed more chickens to have more eggs

The lava won’t fall directly on the slab, as it will float in the air, so if a baby comes out of a chicken egg, it will have enough space to survive in that empty space as it's still small. But after some time, the chicken will grow and reach the lava. That will burn the chicken and automatically cook it as if it was on fire.

If you are using a low-end PC, it can be problematic to approach the farm if there are too many chickens in one place. But the best thing about this Minecraft farm is that you will never have to worry about food anymore. It's one of the most useful Minecraft farms for beginning your survival mode playthrough.

Cobblestone Farm

This cobblestone Minecraft farm idea is not one of the Minecraft farm ideas that you would expect. Instead, it’s a much more polished and advanced version of the classic cobblestone farm that everybody already knows about.

How To Build A Cobblestone Farm

  1. Build a hollow rectangle of any block of your liking
  2. Make sure the walls on one side are made from stairs
  3. Place the water directly in the stairs
  4. Place lava above the water
  5. Make sure there are hoppers under the newly generated row of stone

What’s different about this cobblestone farm is that it will make collecting cobblestone much more efficient. This farm is not automatic - you must manually collect cobblestone, but at least you will not need to go in and out of a cave every time you want to get some, and it's one of the Minecraft farms made with zero redstone.

Just don't create the farm out of a material that is burnable, for example dark oak wood, even though it looks nice.

The water will spread out above the few hoppers that will collect cobblestone every time you break it. The stone will constantly be replaced, and the player doesn't even have to move to collect it. That all is a major upgrade to the regular cobblestone farm, as you get even more cobblestone than before for an even shorter amount of time.

It can also be an AFK farm if you turn on the auto clicker to mine cobblestone while you are away, basically you can always just put a large book straight on your left click to mine it without having to do anything in the game. Having a high-efficiency enchantment on your pickaxe will make this Minecraft farm idea even more effective.

Sugarcane Farm

This sugarcane Minecraft farm idea is quite useful for gathering large amounts of sugarcane without having to travel the world to find it. 

Sugarcane is a rare resource, which you will need a lot later in the game. It’s mostly used for crafting paper, a material necessary for crafting books. They are used for making bookshelves which expand the number of enchantments your enchanting table can have, and books can also be enchanted.

How To Build A Sugarcane Farm

  1. Plant few rows of sugarcane
  2. Place regular pistons exactly one block above
  3. Above the pistons place observer blocks
  4. Make sure that they are connected to the pistons with redstone
  5. Put hoppers on the area where the sugarcane will fall once harvested

This farm will automatically grow and harvest sugarcane for you. The process of setting it up is also quite simple. It doesn't require a lot of resources. BlueNerd Minecraft has on his YouTube channel various ways in which you can expand your sugarcane farm.

Now you never need to worry about finding sugarcane, as this Minecraft farm will be more than enough for any of your needs. This farm is simple to make just like a beetroot farm. It will significantly ease the process of getting enchanted books.

Infinite Fuel Farm

This next Minecraft farm idea will make you never able to go mining for coal again, as it grows bamboo in extremely large amounts.

It works almost the same way as the sugarcane farm, and it can be any size you want. This Minecraft farm can completely replace the need to use coal when cooking or smelting something.

How To Build An Infinite Fuel Farm

  1. Make a large closed space with grass blocks where you will plant bamboo, it doesn't have to have a roof
  2. Build a row of slime blocks which will be connected with sticky pistons
  3. Select two parallel walls where you will place observers
  4. Also put observers onto each end of the row of slime blocks
  5. The observers at the parallel ends will detect when a bamboo gets big enough to reach the center block
  6. The row of slime blocks will get activated, and it will destroy all bamboo in it’s way
  7. Once it reaches the end, the observers will give signals to each other so the row of slime will automatically go back

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in Minecraft, so you can put the water around it so you always have enough of it for your furnace that can be connected by a hopper.

This Minecraft farm will harvest a lot of it, and the best part is that this Minecraft farm doesn't require any bone meal to maintain. It can be difficult to set up, but once it’s done, it will definitely be worth it.

Hoglin Farm

This Hoglin farm idea is one of the hardest Minecraft farms. Which will completely replace the chicken farm that we mentioned earlier, but you need to be able to travel to the Nether to make it. It's one of the Minecraft farms that got introduced in the latest nether update, and it doesn't require any redstone.

Hoglins are new hostile mobs that were added in the 1.16 update of Minecraft. They only spawn in the Crimson Forest biome in the Nether. They are an amazing source of food and leather, and that’s why this farm is important during mid-game. 

How To Build A Hoglin Farm

  1. Find the Crimson Forest biome in the Nether
  2. Reach the Nether roof
  3. Make a large platform in the sky, where the Hoglins will spawn
  4. Light it with torches
  5. Plant Warped Fungus on all corners and sides
  6. Make a drop covered in open trap doors
  7. Beneath, put hoppers underneath the slabs 
  8. And then place lava on top of them

Hoglins will jump straight in the lava placed above the hopper and the slabs because when trap doors are placed, mobs don't recognize they are going to fall right into a hole. Warped Fungus are going to scare the Hoglins, so they will automatically fall into your trap.

Hoglin farm and Chicken farm share the same game mechanics as the hopper and the slab are utilised in the same way.

Hoglins will immediately burn and die, that's great because usually dealing with them. As a result, they will drop large amounts of leather and cooked pork chop. This farm can generate from 1000 to 20000 cooked pork chops an hour, depending on how big you’ve made it.

Enderman XP Farm

This farm idea is the hardest one to make on this list. But, unfortunately, it’s only possible to make when you reach the end-game - when you beat the Ender Dragon.

It solely focuses on constantly luring and killing endermen, which are going to drop large amounts of experience and ender pearls. It isn't easy to make, and it requires a lot of resources, but it’s one of the top-tier experience farms.

How To Build An Enderman XP Farm

  1. Build a small platform a few dozen blocks away from the mainland
  2. Make a large platform around hundred blocks high
  3. Make a hole in the middle, and cover it in open trap doors
  4. Lure Endermen to the hole by trapping an Endermite in a Minecart in a secure 1x1 area above it
  5. Give him a name so he doesn’t despawn

They will barely have any health left after they fall from the building, then you will be able to kill them in large amounts without them attacking you. Which will result in high experience drops and efficient level gathering. 

Before building this farm, make sure you don’t use blocks that endermen can pick up, so consider building it with smooth stone or stone bricks.