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How To Summon A Blue Axolotl In Minecraft, With And Without Cheats

Blue axolotls are always a great addition to any aquarium project in Minecraft. Read on this article to learn how to get a blue Minecraft axolotl!
How To Summon A Blue Axolotl In Minecraft, With And Without Cheats

Finding a blue axolotl in Minecraft that spawned naturally in the wild is next to impossible. Hence, vanilla players tend to breed axolotls to get the color variant that they want to keep, especially for blue axolotls since they look like Mudkip.

How Does Axolotl Breeding Work?

You will need the following to breed axolotls and make baby axolotls:

  • At least 2 or more adult axolotls (any color variant)
  • Buckets of tropical fish
  • Shulker boxes (optional)

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. First and foremost, you need to go in an ocean biome to get buckets of tropical fish as well. These fish will be used to feed the adult axolotls to initiate their "love mode."
    tropical fish
  2. Then, you need to find and get at least two axolotls (adults of any color) in the wild so that you can start the breeding process.
    adult axolotls
  3. Feed the axolotls by right-click on them with the bucket of tropical fish on your hand. Successful feeding is indicated by the hearts that they release. It is also a sign that they entered "love mode."
    axolotl feeding
  4. Once the axolotls are in "love mode," wait for a few seconds and a baby axolotl is born.
    baby axolotl

However, the main problem with breeding axolotls is that the chance of getting a baby blue axolotl variant is only 1 in 12,000. If the baby is not a blue axolotl when it spawns, one of the parents' colors is inherited. Therefore, if you are strictly a vanilla player, you will need a lot of buckets of tropical fish.

Hence, having shulker boxes are recommended (but optional) to easily store buckets of tropical fish, since they do not stack in the inventory. Having a lot of tropical fish is handy when breeding axolotls so that you can continuously breed them until you get a blue axolotl.

Quick Tip: Tropical fish are usually found in Warm Ocean biomes.

Spawn Blue Axolotl Using Console Commands

If you do not want to grind the process of breeding for a rare blue axolotl variant, the alternative way is to use console commands or cheats to spawn a blue axolotl. The first thing you need to do is to activate cheats in the settings menu. The process of enabling cheats can be different from Java or Bedrock Edition.

Aside from that, you will also need operator privileges when you are playing in a multiplayer server or realm. Playing in a LAN Minecraft world makes the process a little bit easier because you do not have to deal with other Minecraft players. All you need to ensure is that cheats are activated.

Follow these steps to activate cheats in your Minecraft world:

Java Edition

  1. To start a single-player world with cheats enabled, go to Create New World.
    create new world
  2. Toggle the Allow Cheats button to On in your world, found in the settings before you create a new world.
    allow cheats on
  3. Then, commands will now be available to use in-game using the chat window once you hit the create new world button.

Bedrock Edition

  1. Similarly, in the Bedrock Edition, you need to go to the in-game pause menu by hitting the ESC button.
    esc button menu
  2. Click on Settings.
    go to settings
  3. Select the Game tab within the Settings menu. It should already open on that tab.
    select game
  4. Scrolling down the menu, you will see the option Activate Cheats. Toggle it to On. Activating this should turn the letter O icon to letter I.
    activate cheats
  5. Accept that you cannot earn any achievements while the cheats are on. Then, proceed.
  6. You will now be able to use the chat window in-game to type in commands.

Type Commands To Spawn Blue Axolotl

Once you have ensured that you have cheats turned on in your world, you are now ready to spawn a blue axolotl in your base.

Type the following commands to spawn blue axolotls in your base:

  • Java Edition: /summon minecraft:axolotl ~ ~ ~ {Variant:4}
    type command adult axolotl
  • Bedrock Edition: /summon axolotl ~ ~ ~ minecraft:entity_born

The designated number for the blue variant of the axolotl is 4. Hence, the number in the command is as such. If you want to have a cute baby blue axolotl, include the age in the command.

Type in the following command for a baby blue axolotl:

  • Java Edition: /summon minecraft:axolotl ~ ~ ~ {Variant:4, Age: -6000}
    type command baby axolotl

It will spawn in a blue variant baby axolotl that will only grow up after 5 minutes. You can change or add more zeroes to the number after the age to slow down further or increase the growth rate of the spawned baby axolotl.

Remember to let blue axolotls spawn directly into a body of water so that their survival is ensured. They also crawl really slowly when they are on land. Hence, it will be faster to transport them if they are spawned directly into your aquarium, pond, or any other body of water.

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