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What Can You Do with Minecraft Copper?

Minecraft metals are vital for survival, but what in the world can copper do? Let's find out!
What Can You Do with Minecraft Copper?

Minecraft has many different minerals and items to be used that all have a purpose to be used. Believe it or not, copper ingots can be used for a few things to benefit your survival or creative motives. Copper was first introduced in the caves and cliffs update, later officially added past the experimental updates. So, what can you do with Minecraft copper? There are three main ways copper ingots can be used, let's take a look!

How to Find Copper

Before using copper in Minecraft, you must first find it! Copper can be mined from caves and cliffs to where you will receive copper ore. Once you receive an excessive amount of copper ore you can then start the smelting process. Killing drowned is another way to receive extra raw copper, which can be used to smelt into copper ingots.

Hint: Mining copper ore can be easily accomplished with a stone pickaxe

minecraft copper

Minecraft players typically can find copper ore in ocean and river biomes.

Once you smelt the copper ore into a copper ingot, you then have the ability to use nine copper ingots on the crafting table to create a copper block.

Make Blocks of Copper

From the copper ingots, you have the ability to mold them into copper blocks. Copper blocks can be used for a couple of reasons:

  • Decorative block
  • Constructive blocks

Decorative Copper Block

Minecraft copper blocks can be used for decorative purposes just like wooden blocks. Unfortunately, copper is potentially a worse option compared to wood. That being said, it may not survive a creeper explosion. But hey, your house looks pretty! For a few days...

Copper blocks over time age just like real copper. Weathered copper begins to show after a few days of being exposed to the sun and elements. In the aging process, exposed copper once beautiful shiny blocks, after four stages, turns into an aqua-green appearance. So, keep this in mind while decorating!

copper aging minecraft

If you want to build a pretty decent survival house, check out our list of the best survival house ideas.

Constructive Copper Block

Copper blocks are actually very constructive. With access to a stonecutting table, you can cut copper block into cut copper slabs and stairs.

Make a Lightning Rod With Copper

The creation of lightning rods can be accomplished by using three copper ingots. As opposed to the nine copper ingots used for the blocks, this is a nice feature that makes sense and uses fewer raw copper resources.

The lightning rod is extremely useful for rainy days with lightning strikes. The lightning rod attracts the lightning itself so all of the strikes within the radius of the rod attract lightning.

Hint: A lightning rod can be mined using a stone pickaxe, otherwise, there will be nothing dropped.

Lightning rod minecraft

A few other hints about the Lightning rod are, firstly, you do not have to directly place it onto the ground, which is completely unscientific. But hey, if it works, why complain? Secondly, you will be unable to summon the skeleton trap horses. So, if you are looking for some dope skeleton horses and they are never showing up, make sure one of these is not around.

Be aware though that you also do NOT place a lightning rod on top of a wooden or grass block, this can cause fires! The very opposite of what you created it for.

Craft a Spyglass With Copper

Spyglasses in reality are used to see objects at a far distance from your location. The same is for the Minecraft Spyglass. These are a little bit different and require more than just raw copper or copper ingots. The ingredients will involve two copper ingots along with one amethyst shard. Finding an amethyst shard may require some adventures.

spyglass minecraft copper

One Amethyst shard can be found in ancient cities, usually found as a cluster. This is a key item in the crafting recipes for the spyglass, so make sure to mine this item correctly! Mining with Silk Touch or non-fortune pickaxes can drop you four amethyst shards.

Overall, from two copper ingots to copper ore, to the copper block, copper from Minecraft has some uses even though many Minecraft players hate on the material. Sometimes it's not about how it looks, but what it can do!

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