How To Make Diorite Stairs In Minecraft

Diorite stairs - a basic building material but hard to craft. Want to know how to craft it? Read on!

Updated on Jan 25, 2024
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How To Make Diorite Stairs In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Diorite Stairs

To make a diorite stair, you have to place 6x diorites in the 3x3 crafting table in a way that the 1st row has 1 diorite, the 2nd row has 2 and the 3rd has 3 diorites. 

This will get you 4x stairs on the right side of the table.

  • 1x crafting table
  • 6x diorite

Let's see what the whole process will look like.

How to craft Diorite Stairs

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Gather 6x diorites

First of all, get yourself a pickaxe and mine around to get 6x diorites. You can easily find it with 5 minutes of mining as it is not a rare material.


But if you don't want to mine, You can use our guide on how to craft diorites.

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Place Diorite On Crafting Table

Once you gather enough diorites, now the game begins. You have to place 1 diorite in the first row on the right side, then 2x diorites on the 2nd row, and 3 diorites on the 3rd row of the 3x3 crafting table.(As shown in the picture)


Once done, wait a while and 4x diorite stairs will be on the right side of the table.

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Move stairs Into Inventory

Just drag the stairs and drop it into the inventory.


You can repeat the process, again and again, to get yourself desired the number of diorite stairs.

What Is The Give Command To Get A Diorite Stair

The give command to get yourself diorite stairs is “/give @p diorite_stairs 1”. We made this extensive guide for you. If you want to know more about diorite you can explore our other guides.

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