How to Quickly Fix Villagers That Won't Trade in Minecraft

Villagers in Minecraft will often refuse to trade some of their items with players. Sometimes all you have to do is wait until the villager restocks on items!

Updated on Oct 13, 2023
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How to Quickly Fix Villagers That Won't Trade in Minecraft

Why Can't I Trade With Villagers in Minecraft Anymore?

Whenever you're trying to pick up some items from villagers who have the best villager jobs in Minecraft, they may outright refuse to trade with you! There are many reasons they refuse to get your hard-earned emeralds, so here's why you can't trade with villagers in Minecraft:

  • Nitwit unemployed villagers in green robes don't offer any trades
  • Trading can't be done with normal unemployed villagers  
  • The villager you're trying to trade with has run out of specific items to trade
  • A bug where a villager can't restock on their job site block

Minecraft Reasons Why Villagers Won't Trade

However much you try, even if you teleport to other Minecraft villages, these reasons will stay the same so don't go wandering to find other villagers thinking it will fix this issue. That's why next we'll see how to fix the Minecraft villagers that won't trade with you!

How to Fix Villagers Not Trading in Minecraft

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Place Job Site Blocks Next to Unemployed Villagers

If you're trying to right-click a normal villager and they nod in disagreement, then they're an unemployed villager. What you'll have to do in this situation is place a job site block next to that villager and employ them!

So for example, if you place a job site block like the lectern next to a jobless villager, they will interact with it. Afterward, green sparkles will appear and the villager's robes will change corresponding to the given job. Now if you right-click the villager, they will start offering novice trades!

Minecraft Giving Librarian Job To Unemployed Villager

However, if the villager is wearing green robes, they can't get a job profession. So don't even bother trying to place job site blocks next to these villagers as they're just plain unhelpful and won't offer any other trades whatsoever!

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Wait Until the Villager Restocks on an Item

When you're doing a particular trade for a single item from the same villager over and over again, although they might upgrade and give you new trades, chances are they will run out of stock. The item you were trading so much will now have a red X mark on it in the villager's trading interface. What you have to do in this situation is simply wait until the villager restocks their item inventory. 

Minecraft Villagers Trade Restock

Villagers will restock 2 times a day, and they will do it at their workstations whereafter you can do villager trading for the item yet again. If you've made a villager trading hall on the other hand, besides having their respective workstations near them, make sure the multiple villagers also have a bed close to them. Don't deprive the villagers of their much-needed rest much like yourself when you're out exploring your Minecraft world!

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Add Workstation Beside Villagers With a Job That Don't Restock

More often than not, some players might experience a bug where even though a villager has their workstation near them, they just won't restock even after several days. Another villager probably stole their main workstation causing the bug. To fix this issue, you'll want to distance that villager from the others a bit, place their respective workstation on the ground, and push them in it! 

If you place the job site block for the villager who doesn't restock nearby villagers who don't have a job, they might take that workstation for themselves. You won't run into issues like this with a wandering trader though, as once they run out of stock, the trade's forever gone since wandering traders don't restock.

Minecraft How to Fix Villager Not Restocking

Some players think villagers don't trade if they've accidentally hit a villager. But that's not the case at all with the reasons from above, as with this the villagers will only increase their prices. You can lower their prices again by curing a zombie villager if this has ever happened to you. Then continue to breed more Minecraft villagers and give them better jobs for even more trades!

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