Everything you need to know about Salmons in Minecraft

Take a look at this article if you're interested in find out more about Minecraft salmon - we're going to cover exactly everything you need to know about it!
Everything you need to know about Salmons in Minecraft

Everything You Need To Know About Salmon Minecraft

Salmon in Minecraft is one of the most common fish types you can encounter in oceans and rivers. They're a passive ambient mob that's also very useful if you're just starting your Minecraft playthrough. Therefore, in today's article, we present to you everything you need to know about salmon in Minecraft so you know what to do when you see one!

Where do salmon spawn in Minecraft?

Salmon in Minecraft spawn in groups of 1 to 5 in only these cold/frozen oceans biomes:

Minecraft Salmon Swimming In Frozen River
  • River
  • Frozen Rivers
  • Cold Ocean
  • Deep Cold Ocean
  • Frozen Ocean
  • Deep Frozen Ocean

As you can see, they only spawn in these cold ocean biomes and also regular rivers. Because of that, they might be a little harder to find than regular warm fish, but if you spawn somewhere near those biomes, you'll be in luck.

You can also spawn a salmon mob with a spawn egg if you need to find it quickly. This option is only available in creative mode, though.

What do salmon drop in Minecraft?

Minecraft salmon really don't have the best items to drop in the game, but one of them can be quite useful if you're just beginning your Minecraft playthrough.

Salmon drop:

  • Raw Salmon
  • Bone Meal
  • XP Orbs

As you can see, the only useful item on this list is the raw salmon, which we're going to talk about right in a second!

How to get raw salmon from a Minecraft salmon

To get raw salmon from a salmon in Minecraft, you must find a frozen ocean biome, river, or just a regular river somewhere in your world. Then, locate a group of salmons and swim towards it - grab a weapon or just use your hand and kill them all.

Minecraft Fishing Rod Fishing

You will get plenty of raw salmon, which you can then cook and use as a reliable food source. They function the same way as raw cod/cooked cod - they feed you the same amount and can be caught with a fishing rod if you don't want to kill any fish. You can also use raw salmon or other fish like tropical fish to trade with the fisherman villagers!

That's why Minecraft salmon are good for beginning your playthrough in Minecraft, because, in the beginning, it may be harder to find some pigs or cows or any other kind of animals. So it's best to use what you already have. Also, if they're killed with Fire Aspect, you can get instantly cooked salmon when you kill them!

How to get bonemeal from a Minecraft salmon

To get bonemeal from a Minecraft salmon is pretty simple. You just need to find a group of salmon in a cold ocean biome or a regular river. Then swim up to it and kill it with whatever you have in your hand. It has a 5% drop 1 bone meal in Java Edition, while 25% in Bedrock Edition can drop from 1 to 2 bones.

How to get experience points from a Minecraft salmon

To get experience points from a Minecraft salmon, you just need to find a group of few in a cold ocean biome or a warm river. Swim up to them and kill them all with anything you have in your hand, and you will get somewhere from 1 to 3 XP orbs. Of course, they're not useful at all for farming XP, so don't bother hunting them for that.

How to breed Minecraft salmon

Unfortunately, like the rest of the fish in Minecraft, salmon aren't able to breed or tame. Instead, they're regular passive mobs that you can't give food to, so it's impossible to make them follow you around like a dog or a cat can in Minecraft.

How to transport a Minecraft salmon

Transporting salmon in Minecraft is easy, and everyone can do it, no matter what stage of the game the player is in.

Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how to do it exactly:

A Group Of Minecraft Salmon Swimming In A Frozen River
  1. Craft an iron bucket
  2. Pick up some water with it
  3. Place it in your main hand
  4. Come up to a salmon
  5. Right-click the water bucket on it

Then, you'll get that same salmon to enter your water bucket, and it will be renamed to a bucket of salmon, with his little sprite showing up in the water. You can then rename the bucket in an anvil to name the fish however you want, without using a name tag!

Are Minecraft salmon hostile?

Salmon in Minecraft aren't hostile like the majority of the fish mobs. They're passive mobs. Therefore they can't do any damage to you, so there isn't any risk at all if you are planning to hunt them.

More Minecraft salmon fun facts

  • Fish mobs in Minecraft were teased for the first time by Notch in 2010.
  • At one point during the development, salmon used to have the same amount of health points as the player.
  • Minecraft axolotls attack salmon when they see them.
  • In Bedrock Edition, there are three variations of salmon: small salmon, medium salmon, and large salmon.

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