How To Make Black Wool In Minecraft

If you need a dark and soft block to decorate your house, Black Wool is definitely a choice! In today's article, we'll show you how to craft one in Minecraft!

Updated on Jan 24, 2024
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How To Make Black Wool In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Black Wool

Black Wool is one of the color variations of normal Wool block in Minecraft. It has a solid black color and can be used for many useful recipes. Black Wool is quite medium rare since you will need a Wool and a Black Dye from a Squid. But you can just make a Sheep farm to farm Black Wool in a large quantity.

  • 1x White Wool
  • 1x Black Dye

How to craft Black Wool in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x White Wool

White Wool can be easily collected by using Shears on a White Sheep. They drop 1-3x White Wool each. If you kill them instead, you will only get 1x White Wool.


White Wool can also be generated naturally in structures like Woodland mansions, Villages, and Pillager outposts.


You can also craft 1x White Wool by using 4x String.


Alternatively, chests in Villages have a 55.8% chance to contain 1-8x White Wool.

#2 Collect 1x Black Dye

You can get 1x Black Dye from crafting 1x Ink Sac in the crafting grid. And to get Ink Sac you must find Squid in the river or ocean biome.


Wither Rose can also be used to craft 1x Black Dye.


Another way to get Black Dye is to trade with the Wandering Trader. They sell 3x Black Dye for 1x Emerald.

#3 Finish off crafting a Black Wool

When you have 1x White Wool and 1x Black Dye, press E and put them together in the crafting grid to craft 1x Black Wool.


You can also find 1-3x Black Wool in the Village’s chests. They have 33% to contain them.


Black Sheep can spawn naturally in the Overworld. You can kill them or shear them to get 1-3x Black Wool this way.


Another way to get Black Wool is to trade with the Shepherd Villager. They sell 1-2x Black Wool for 1x Emerald.

What is the give command to get a Black Wool?

The command to give yourself a Black Wool is: /give @p black_wool 1

Congratulation on your Black Wool!

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