6 Best Minecraft Garden Ideas

If you are looking for ways to decorate the exterior of your house, you should take a look at this article where we cover the best Minecraft garden ideas.
6 Best Minecraft Garden Ideas

If you feel that your Minecraft house looks too boring from the outside, you will want to definitely read this article which will show you the 5 best Minecraft garden ideas you can implement in any type of biome or environment.

In Minecraft, there's an endless amount of possibilities to decorate your buildings, bases, and houses. 

It's impressive how you can express every idea you have on a simple blocky landscape, so then get ready for these five Minecraft garden ideas which will bring life to your homes.


Desert Garden

If you are in a desert and out of ideas on how to decorate your house without bringing in too much vegetation, then this desert garden idea is perfect for you.

The ground is made from sand mixed in with few blocks of coarse dirt. It has a realistic path made of various types of wood that spans across this Minecraft garden.

It doesn't have any plants besides dead bushes and cacti. It doesn't give you a lot of inspiration when you look at it, but it still serves as a nice courtyard where you can have a BBQ with your friends.

It's one of the simpler Minecraft garden designs, which can also be a nice addition to your Minecraft world. Feel free to add anything you want to it, as there is plenty of space available.


Zen Garden

If you are looking for a Minecraft garden design similar to the Japanese garden, then this is one of the Minecraft garden ideas you should create in your world.

This Minecraft zen garden design features way less bamboo and grass. However, it has more space where you can walk as it completely lacks any trees.

In the center is a small pond surrounded by stone and sand. It looks a little bit barren, but that manages to create a peaceful feeling when looking at it.

At the entrance, it has two openings from acacia wood done in a calming zen style. There is enough space to plant some crops, so you can use this garden as a mini farm. That's a fun feature that would require you to actually focus on gardening.

It's a cool customizable garden design in which you can add a fountain or even a small waterfall falling from above.


Relaxing Garden

If you want to rest your eyes with a beautiful garden every time you leave your house, then his is one of the perfect Minecraft garden ideas you.

The first noticeable thing about this garden design is the bridge crossing over a small water stream. Around it, there is a bunch of flowers and other plants that make this garden design not look so empty.

It has wooden walls surrounding it and stone pillars placed along the bridge. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any types of trees, but nevertheless, it's still a neat design.

This is one of the prettiest Minecraft garden ideas, even though it's pretty simple. The small stream is the center of attention, which even looks more amazing with shaders.


Japanese Garden

Do you have an Asian-style house that you don't know how to decorate properly? Then this Japanese garden is the perfect choice for you, as this is one of the best Minecraft garden designs which represents the main aspects of Asian culture.

It's a peaceful garden with a lot of life to it. It features plenty of plants and beautiful nature, making this place so calming. Instead of real trees, it has custom-made cherry blossom trees with leaves made out of pink wool.

The bamboos are all over the place, making this garden feel isolated in a good way.

It features a small path that goes past a small pond decorated with lily pads. A great addition to the classic Minecraft lily pads are the new custom-made ones from pink coral reefs and spruce trap doors.

You can fit in as much as details as you want, from small benches to wide varieties of flowers, because this garden design is very flexible.


Fairy Garden

If you are a fan of the cottagecore aesthetic, this Minecraft garden build is the perfect choice for you. This fairy garden will bring life and happiness to your front lawn.

At first sight, one of the most noticeable features is the wide variety of flowers that this garden uses. There's everything from roses to orchids and many other types of flowers.

A nice touch to this fairy garden design is the dream-like swing placed at the end of it. The swing is such a cool piece of decoration, as it perfectly goes along with the fairy theme.

It's one of the most pretty garden designs that looks amazing even though not massive. It manages to deliver this feeling of innocence whenever you look at it. It's a very calming addition to your Minecraft world.


Elven Water Garden

This is one of the most beautiful Minecraft garden ideas ever. It's one of the many more Minecraft building ideas with a unique design that can fit in with every possible biome.

The main focus of this garden is the amazing elf-like structure above a still body of water. It's made out of quartz and dark prismarine blocks, while the floor is solely out of birch planks.

It doesn't have any plants around it, as it completely lacks any type of nature, unlike the previous gardens. So you should rather focus on the architecture of the building rather than on the surroundings.

It's nice that there's enough space for plenty of your own decorations while also serving as a bridge above a small pond. With enough inspiration, you can add all sorts of things to it.

There are many gardens you should consider making, but this is the one that you must have in your Minecraft world.

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