9 Best Minecraft Furniture Ideas

Are you looking for best furniture ideas for your Minecraft home? Then this article is the perfect choice for you, as you’ll definitely find something you like.
9 Best Minecraft Furniture Ideas

In Minecraft, there are plenty of ways you can decorate your home. One of the biggest problems that occur when people build their bases is that they look empty and unfinished from the inside.

But, this article will solve your problem with the six best Minecraft furniture ideas you can build anywhere in your base. They are fun and creative little things that'll fill all the empty space inside your home.


Bar Chair

This bar chair design is something you've never seen before. It's made in a fascinating way that makes it very unique.

When you look at the chair, you'll notice it's standing on a platform. But that's actually an iron helmet placed on an armor stand that's been pushed with pistons.


How To Make A Bar Chair

  1. You'll first need to dig a 1x2 hole, where you'll put the armor stand with an iron helmet.
  2. Then you must fill the hole using pistons
  3. And in the end, you'll just have to place an iron bar with the use of a piston.
  4. Then on top of that iron bar, you can put any carpet you like and a trap door made out of any type of wood you want.

Of course, you can also use different materials, such as stone slab or stair blocks. The unique design will be a fun addition to your Minecraft house. The best part is you can add to it whatever you want.



Are you looking for a cheap and simple fridge that you can easily make in Minecraft? Then this furniture idea is the right one for you.

This fridge is one of the most simple furniture ideas on this list. You can recreate it anywhere with just a couple of easy-to-get iron blocks.

How To Make A Fridge

  1. All you'll need to make this fridge is an iron door, an iron block, a stone button, and a dropper. It may seem like a lot of iron, but in reality, it's only 15, but you can use any type of stone block if iron is too expensive.
  2. To make it, you'll need to place a dropper and an iron block on top of it. Then come from behind and place the iron door to align with the blocks.
  3. Place a button, or a pressure plate, wherever you want, and when you activate it, the food you put in the fridge will automatically come out!


Fish Tank

This Minecraft fish tank design is pretty simple yet very interesting. It's a very nice detail you can add anywhere in your house.

Making this fish tank may seem hard, but it's pretty simple.

How To Make A Fish Tank

  1. All you need to do is place a chest and a light blue stained glass on top of it.
  2. Then in the space between the glass block and chest, put an item frame where you'll put a used map.
  3. Cover the chest with trap doors, and place a water bucket with a fish of your choice into the chest to make the fish stuck in the glass block.

And then you can decorate the fish tank however you want, but that's the most important part. It's fairly easy, simple, cheap, and perfect if you have plenty of space to fill your home.


Bunk Beds

If you are looking for a furniture idea for your Minecraft bedroom, then these bunk beds are an idea you want to take a look at.

It's the easiest furniture idea on this list that everyone can make regardless of where they are with their playthrough. The bunk beds are made only of wooden materials and other wooden blocks.

How To Make Bunk Beds

  1. All you need to do is make a platform out of wooden trap doors where you'll put all the beds.
  2. Then, to get on top of it, you can place the ladders onto the barrels to have extra storage.

It's a fairly simple idea that you can customize however you want. This is just an example of what it can look like. There's plenty of space here for your additions.



This computer is one of the most expensive furniture ideas on this list, but surely it's the most creative one. It's completely a modern design that doesn't use any wood blocks.

To make this complete gaming setup, you only need to find a lot of space and a few rare blocks like shulker boxes and Wither Skeleton skulls.

How To Make A Computer

  1. First, you'll need pistons to push several armor stands into the ground.
  2. To make a keyboard, you need to put two armor stands with a chainmail helmet in one place.
  3. And then to make the foundation for monitors, you need to put down next to each other armor stands with iron helmets.
  4. After that, you can put Wither Skeleton skulls as speakers.
  5. While the shulker boxes hide the banners that are part of the screen.
  6. And for finishing touches, place a Blackstone button to act as a mouse and make a classic office chair to go along with your setup.

This design is kinda flexible. There's enough space to add plenty of decorations, like end rod lamps or just table cloth. It's surely the most creative design on this list.


Ceiling Fan

This is one of the most interesting modern furniture ideas that may confuse you at first, but it's pretty simple to make.

To make this, you'll need a little string, carpets, and an end rod to hold the entire ceiling fan. It's a perfect modern furniture idea you can add anywhere in Minecraft.

How To Make A Ceiling Fan

  1. The first thing you need to do is place the diorite wall and an end rod right below it.
  2. Then you'll want to place an iron trap door, and then you'll want to make a small cross out of strings, so you can place the carpets on top of them.

This will give you the illusion that the carpet is floating, while in reality, it's being held by multiple strings. You can use different colors, not just white, and this idea can be fun to experiment with.


Modern Bookshelves

If you are looking for a way to incorporate a couple of bookshelves in your modern base, you should look at this furniture idea.

It's a really simple design that'll only require a few quartz stairs, or you can use similar ones if you prefer them more.

How To Make Modern Bookshelves

  1. To make modern bookshelves, you'll need to dig out a few blocks in your wall and then place the bookshelves inside.
  2. Then from the outside, surround the bookshelves with a couple of stairs and slabs so they make a giant block through which you can see the books.

You can then decorate these modern bookshelves however you want. Either you can put a bunch of flowers or anything else you'd like to have on your bookshelf.


Modern Couch

This will be a perfect Minecraft furniture idea for your modern living room. It's a modern couch with actual pillows.

To make this furniture idea, you'll only need a few concrete blocks, quartz slabs, and two colored banners of your choice - they are going to represent the pillows.

How To Make A Modern Couch

  1. The first thing you'll need to do is mine out a 3x2 hole where you'll put the banners on each end.
  2. Then cover the banners using slabs to represent an actual small pillow.
  3. The only thing left after that is to surround the slabs with concrete blocks or any other modern-looking substitute, so you have a nice modern couch in the end.


Modern Shelves

If you are looking for an interesting way to decorate the walls of your modern house in Minecraft, this modern shelf furniture idea is the perfect pick for you.

All you need to do is craft a few birch trap doors, flower pots, and leavers. This is one of the cheapest decoration ideas on this list.

How To Make Modern Shelves

  1. To make them, all you'll need to do is place a few birch trap doors anywhere on your wall.
  2. Then at each end, place a lever, which you'll activate, so it looks like they are holding the shelf together.
  3. Put some flower pots on top of the shelves or anything else you'd like to have displayed on your wall. It's a pretty open design.

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