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How To Make a Name tag In Minecraft

Don’t want to lose your identity with a name tag? Follow our guide as we share how to get a name tag in Minecraft.
How To Make a Name tag In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Name Tag

Name tag can’t be crafted, instead, you have to find it in the chest in nether fortress or in the dungeon. Follow our guide as we will share a step-by-step method on how to get a name tag easily.

  • 1x nether
  • 1x dungeon

How To Get Name Tag In Dungeon

#1 Go into Dungeon

Dungeon is a small room underground that has 1 or 2 chests in the middle of it. Chests contain some valuable items like name tag and gunpowder. You can use spectator mode to find out where the dungeon room actually is. 


#2 Find chests in Dungeon

Now, once you reached into dungeon, you have to find those chests filled with valuable items. See below how to chest will look like. You can easily find these chest when roaming in the dungeon.

#3  Open Chest For Name Tag

Now, go near the chest and open it by right clicking on it. You will see what's inside that chest. Usually these chests are filled with valuable items such as name tag and other rare material. You can just drag and drop that name tag into your inventory.

If you don't see any name tag in those chests you can come again and find more chests at the same place. If you have luck with yourself you gonna get it on the first attempt.

If you don't get it in a few attempts we got a backup plan -  you can use our nether fortress method to find a name tag.

How To Get Name Tag In Nether Fortress

#1 Find nether fortress

First of all, you need to build up a nether portal and get into it. When you get  into looking for a castle-like shape we call it nether fortress. (see the picture below)

#2 Look for chest in nether fortress

Now, look for chests in the nether fortress. These are some box types shaped with a light brown color. You can click on these chests to find valuable items inside.

#3 Move Name tag into your inventory

Now, once you see a name tag in a chest, you can move it into your inventory and use it.

What is the give command to get a name tag

The give command to get yourself a name tag is “/give @p name_tag 1”

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