The Best Trident Enchantments In Minecraft

A trident in Minecraft is not only a rare drop, but a formidable weapon. When enhanced by amazing enchantments, the sky is the limit for this mighty tool.
The Best Trident Enchantments In Minecraft

What Are The Best Trident Enchantments In Minecraft?

The best enchantments in Minecraft for tridents are:

  • Riptide enchantment
  • Loyalty enchantment
  • Channeling enchantment
  • Impaling enchantment
  • Unbreaking enchantment
  • Mending enchantment

Riptide Enchantment

The most useful and famed of all Minecraft trident enchantments, riptide is a great enchantment that blows other enchantments out of the water.

This is a Minecraft trident exclusive enchantment that propels the player through the air when they're standing in any form of water, be it rain, ocean or even a bucket of water.

Image showing a player flying using a trident in Minecraft

Holding a trident with the riptide trident enchantment when standing on a block where water is present, a player can throw the trident, which launches the player in the direction thrown.

The higher the level of enchantments, the further the player will go, making this one of the best trident enchantments in Minecraft. 


The riptide trident enchantment is incompatible with some existing enchantments on the trident: channeling and loyalty.

Using The Riptide Enchantment In Minecraft

If the player is underwater when they throw a riptide enchanted trident, they will travel less distance.

If the player throws the trident straight up, they will fly into the air for that amount of blocks.

Image showing a player underwater using a trident in Minecraft

If the player collides with a mob whilst flying with the enchanted trident, they will deal throwing damage and the trident will take 1 durability damage.

The trident can hit multiple targets in Minecraft Bedrock edition, allowing the player to attack mobs quickly.

Loyalty Enchantment

Almost the opposite to riptide, the loyalty enchantment is a trident exclusive enchantment.

This trident enchantment can be boosted up to loyalty III and is one of the best Minecraft trident enchantments.

This enchantment can make you feel like a Greek god, as once thrown the trident will hit a target and return to the player's hand.

Image showing tridents enchanted with loyalty

The speed at which the thrown trident returns to the player's hand is determined by the level of the enchantment: level I has the slowest weapon return speed to the player, with II and III returning faster respectively.

Using The Loyalty Enchantment In Minecraft

There are certain conditions that must be met before your trident returns to you, and as tridents cannot be crafted and must be found as rare drops from defeated drowned, making sure you use this weapon carefully is key.

Image showing the loyalty enchantment in Minecraft
  • If a trident enchanted with loyalty is thrown into the void in the Java edition of Minecraft, it will never return and is essentially lost.
  • If a trident enchanted with loyalty is thrown into the void in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, it will return after a certain distance is reached.
  • If players travel between dimensions (e.g the overworld and the nether) while the trident is thrown/returning, it will pause its return until the player reappears in the original dimension, when the same trident will return.
  • A trident enchanted with loyalty that’s thrown by a dispenser will never return
  • If a player dies in the Minecraft world while the trident is returning, it’ll drop like normal death loot and will be subject to despawn.

Channeling Enchantment

The channeling trident enchantment only has one level, however it’s useful when fighting mobs as it allows the player to summon a lightning bolt to strike any target hit with the trident, making it another of the best enchantments in Minecraft.

Image of a mob being struck by lightning in Minecraft

The caveat: this enchantment only works in a thunderstorm.

Using the Channeling Enchantment In Minecraft

Mobs hit with a channeling enchanted trident must be exposed to open sky in the Minecraft world during a thunderstorm for the lightning bolt to appear, any other time will have no effect. 

In the Java edition, mobs won’t be affected by this enchanted weapon if they are stood on certain blocks:

  • Water
  • Lava
  • Snow and Powder Snow
  • Cobwebs
  • Honey 
  • Soul Sand
  • In a minecart or a boat
Image of a baby zombie in a minecart

However, the effects from nearby lightning strikes and melee attacks still apply.

The channeling trident enchantment can also be used to transform certain mobs:

CreepersCharged Creepers
PigsZombie Piglins
Mooshrooms (Red/Brown)Opposite color Mooshrooms (Brown/Red)

A horse hit with the bolt from these enchantments will not turn into a Skeletal horse.

Impaling Enchantment

The impaling enchantment is another of the three Minecraft trident enchantments exclusive to tridents.

This enchantment deals increased damage to aquatic mobs, or any mobs in water (Bedrock Edition), making the trident a highly effective weapon.

With enchantment levels I-V, the higher the level of enchantment the trident holds, the more damage it will do to sea creatures:

I2.5 hearts
II5 hearts
III7.5 hearts
IV10 hearts
V12.5 hearts

In the Java edition, the impaling enchantment is only effective against aquatic mobs

This doesn't apply to drowned as they’re classed as undead.

Image of a drowned mob holding a trident in minecraft

This is different in the Bedrock Minecraft version, as all mobs that are in contact with water (underwater, flowing water or rain) will be affected by this enchantment.

Unbreaking & Mending Enchantments

The unbreaking and mending enchantments aren't exclusive trident enchantments in Minecraft, but are incredibly useful to have on any weapon.

Unbreaking Enchantment

The unbreaking enchantment increases durability when used on a trident by increasing the chance to avoid durability reduction each time it’s used.

This enchantment has III levels and each level increases the durability:


Mending Enchantment

This enchantment is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft and as it’s name states, it helps with durability mending.

It has one level and it restores durability to ta damaged trident for each experience point the player earns.

For each experience point taken, 2 points of durability are repaired and any remaining experience is added to the players experience bar.

How Do I Get Trident Enchantments In Minecraft?

Trident Enchantments in Minecraft can be found via:

  • Enchanted books with the trident enchantment wanted (using an anvil to enchant)
  • Using an enchanting table
  • Using the /enchant console command
Image showing an enchanting screen in Minecraft

Enchanted books containing Minecraft enchantments can be found in as treasure loot dungeon chests, through fishing and trading with villagers.

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