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10 Best Things To Build In Minecraft

You can make amazing builds to make your world look amazing. Here are the 10 best things you build in Minecraft to enjoy your game fully.
10 Best Things To Build In Minecraft

In the Minecraft world, you can build your imagination into reality. You can make anything from a volcano to a whole town. You just need the right resources and materials to create a new world. 

For those of you who are adventurous enough to build new things, here are 10 cool things you can try. These ideas can be accomplished in both a survival world and creative mode in any Minecraft server.


Japanese Style House in Minecraft

You can build a fantastic Japanese-style house using wood planks and terracotta blocks. When you make a Japanese town, these houses will be an excellent addition. These Japanese roofs are called tilled or gable roofs in Japanese culture.

You can build these houses in different ways. You can also use other materials like cobblestone or stone bricks. 60 to 70% of resources are wood blocks and planks, so start trimming down some trees in advance.



If you have creative skills in Minecraft, this is the time to show them. This Minecraft building idea contains a giant mountain volcano with splashing lava from the top of it.

You can make the lava stream by collecting lava in an empty basket from lava caves and placing it on a natural mountain.

To make a dramatic volcanic eruption, you can use TNT blocks. However, you should try building the lava mountains close to the ocean or any other water source far from your home.


Minecraft Castle

A castle is perfect for building if you want to feel like a king or queen in your own Minecraft world. To make it as realistic as possible, you can build towers, walls, drawbridges, pixel art, and moats.

You will need a lot of cobblestone, stone bricks, and sandstone to build a strong castle. Wood is also essential for the build, so make sure to chop down some trees in advance. With a bit of time and effort, you will have a fantastic Minecraft castle build you can call home. (Created by LionCheater)


Minecraft Huge Ship

In Minecraft, you can find ships drowned in the ocean called ship wrack. However, you can craft your own ship as a successful Minecraft builds. It is an excellent idea for creative minds. The most used material for the ship is wood and cobblestone.

To make a ship, you need to start with the base. The base in water helps give the ship strength and stability. After that, you can add sails, decks, cabins, and other features to make it your own. (Created by IrieGenie)


Tree House

A tree house is a great place to live in Minecraft if you want to be close to nature. You can build this Minecraft house as big or small as you want and make it as simple or complex as you like.

The most important thing for a tree house is, of course, a huge beautiful tree. Once you've found the perfect tree, you can start building your home. You can use any materials you want, but wood is the most popular choice.

After you've built your tree house, you can decorate it with lamps and lights. You can add furniture, paintings, and other items to make it feel like home.


Minecraft Mansion

If you're looking for a more luxurious home in Minecraft, then a mansion is the way to go. Mansions are big and often have many rooms, making them perfect for multiplayer friends' parties and gatherings.

To build a mansion, you will need a lot of resources. Stone, sandstone, and cobblestone are often used for the walls and floors. For the roof, you can use any types of block, but wooden slabs are the most popular choice to build in Minecraft.


Floating Base

Want to sleep up in the sky? A floating base is the best idea for you. In the Minecraft survival world, you can avoid mob spawning and attacks by building a base that is not attached to the ground.

Using the Redstone mechanism, you can build a stair or elevator up to the sky. You can use any block to build your house and its base. The most used block is dirt and cobblestones.



Minecraft Maize

Playing with friends can be much more fun if you include different challenges in your Minecraft world. A maze can be a fun challenge for yourself or your friends. It can be as big or small as you want and has many possible paths. You can use any type of block to build it, but obsidian is the best choice.

Mazes are usually built in Survival mode, but you can also build them in Creative mode. In Survival mode, you can use the Maze map to find your way out of the maze. In Creative mode, you can build it however you want without restrictions.


Underground Minecraft Base

If you want to build a base in Minecraft, but don't want it to be too obvious, then an underground base is perfect for you. It can be as small or large as you want and include many rooms and features.

The most important thing for an underground base is to have a good ventilation system. Don’t forget to add the secret passage from the storage room.

You can use cobblestone or stone for the walls and floors. For the roof, you can use any type of block, but wooden slabs covered with white and red carpets look more attractive.


Underwater Minecraft build

Do you want to build a base in Minecraft that is surrounded by water? An underwater base is a perfect solution. You can use any type of block to build it, but white concrete is perfect for this purpose as most of the underwater bases use them.

These underwater structures can have many rooms and be as big or small as you want. You can use lamps to light up the inside of your base. You also need to consider the air supply for your build in Minecraft.

All these Minecraft building ideas are the coolest things you can imagine building. These ideas are best if you are playing survival Minecraft. There are a lot of other amazing ideas like Minecraft museum build, Minecraft aquarium build, Minecraft pixel art, etc.

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