Everything You Need To Know About Dolphins In Minecraft

If you want to find out more about Minecraft’s dolphins, take a look at this article where we cover everything you should know about them!

Updated on Nov 15, 2023
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Everything You Need To Know About Dolphins In Minecraft

Dolphins are one of the most interesting mobs in Minecraft. They're cute aquatic mobs that can be really useful to the player in the game, and they're also adorable when interacting or looking at them. So in today's article, we're going to focus on everything you need to know about dolphins in Minecraft, so you'll know what to do when you encounter one in the game!

Where can you find a Minecraft dolphin?

Dolphins have special conditions under which they spawn in. For example, dolphins spawn in only non frozen ocean biomes such as:


  • Lukewarm Ocean

  • Deep Lukewarm Ocean

  • Ocean

  • Deep Ocean

  • Warm Ocean

These are common biomes you can find without a problem anywhere in your world, while these cold oceans are much rarer. So finding dolphins overall isn't going to be a challenge. They spawn in groups of 3-5. Therefore there's a low chance you aren't going to notice them.

What can you get from a Minecraft dolphin?

A Minecraft dolphin isn't an animal you would want to hunt, as they have pretty bad drops, such as:

  • Raw Cod

  • XP Orbs

They don't drop any good or rare items, and you'll overall get more stuff by not killing them or hurting them at all - such as the Dolphin's Grace effect and the ability to find a lot of treasure which we will cover later.

How to get raw cod from a dolphin?

To get raw cod from a dolphin is pretty simple. All you need to do is find a group of dolphins somewhere near the surface, so you can kill it more easily. It will drop from 0-1 raw cod or 0-4 raw cod if you have Looting III enchantment - you can also use Fire Aspect to get cooked fish if you really want to.

How to get experience points from a dolphin?

To get some experience points from a dolphin, you'll also need to kill it. And once you do, you'll get a small amount of possible 1-3 XP orbs. This means that killing dolphins for experience in Minecraft isn't worth it.

How to get the Dolphin's Grace effect from a dolphin?

Dolphin's Grace is a useful effect you can get from dolphins when you sprint swim close by them within a 9-block spherical radius. This effect will give the player an underwater speed boost for five seconds, which is quite useful. And when you open the inventory, you will notice that the effect has a cute little dolphin icon.

Can you tame dolphins in Minecraft?

Dolphins in Minecraft can't be exactly tamed like how dogs and cats can, but they have a special system that will also give something to the player in return.

If a player feeds a dolphin with any type of raw fish, either raw cod or raw salmon, it will increase their trust in the player. Their trust increases with the amount of fish fed, so in the best-case scenario, they will locate a chest in some of the ocean structures, like the shipwreck, ocean ruins, or even buried treasure.


Meaning they can be a great way of finding an ocean ruin if it's nearby, of course, or any other hidden treasures in the ocean. And also, dolphins can help you find items dropped somewhere in the water near them because they'll immediately swim to them and try to knock them out of the water to play with them.

How to transport a Minecraft dolphin?

Minecraft dolphins can be transported easily, even if it seems like it would be difficult. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of ways to do that since dolphins can't be traditionally tamed like wolves and cats, and they also can't ride in boats.

But you can always tie a dolphin with a lead if you want to tie it to a fence or transport it to a certain closed-off area. Currently, that's the best way to do it in the game.

Are Minecraft dolphins hostile?

Dolphins in Minecraft are neutral mobs, meaning they'll attack you if you hurt them. That may be surprising since dolphins are considered to be peaceful creatures, but in Minecraft, if you hit one dolphin, for example, an entire group of nearby dolphins will come to attack you - just like when you hit a wolf.


They're going to remain hostile even if fed fish, so be careful what you're doing because it's possible to get killed by a dolphin since one can take heart and half from you in one hit on normal difficulty.

More fun facts about Minecraft dolphins

  • If dolphins in Minecraft are underwater for too long without taking any air, they'll drown.

  • Mojang Studios' lead sound designer went to record real-life dolphins in order to create their sound effects for Minecraft - this was also done for the panda mob.

  • In Minecraft, dolphins can die on the surface because of suffocation, but that's not the case with real-life dolphins.

  • In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can find baby dolphins that don't exist in Java Edition.

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