How To Make Conduit In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft a conduit in Minecraft that is like a beacon but for the oceans!.
How To Make Conduit In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft a conduit in Minecraft

A conduit in Minecraft is one of the most fascinating blocks; it acts just like a beacon but in its own way by providing you with conduit power. This power is a lifesaver for many who have bases near the water bodies; the conduit power includes oxygen restoration, underwater night vision, and increased mining speed! So if you ever wanted to stay underwater in Minecraft, you can start doing that; you won’t even have to come up to the surface ever; you can begin a self-sustained farm inside the underwater base!

Here are the items you’ll need to craft conduit:

How to craft a Conduit in Minecraft

#1 Acquiring Nautilus shell

Nautilus shells in Minecraft can't be crafted. There is no crafting recipe for the item in the game, but they can be obtained by different methods. You can acquire these shells from the wandering trader who often sells them for 5 emeralds, but he won’t sell you more than 5 at a time, so be on the lookout for these traders. You can also get these shells from drowned who have a 3-8% chance of spawning with a shell in their hand, which they drop when killed! You can also get the shells by simply fishing, though it is a rare item to find while fishing. If you have good enchantments, you can get them!

#2 Acquiring heart of the sea

Heart of the sea is a non-renewable item in Minecraft. You can’t craft, nor can you trade it with a villager; it can only be found in buried treasures. To find the buried treasure, you'll first have to find a map that leads you to the buried treasure. The best place to find buried treasure is to look for shipwrecks and ocean ruins! You can also feed the dolphins in the ocean some cod; in return, they’ll guide you to the nearest buried treasure, shipwrecks, or ocean ruins.

#3 Crafting Conduit

Once you’ve gathered all the relevant items needed for crafting, simply put them on the crafting table by the recipe given above. You’ll have crafted your own Conduit in Minecraft.

To activate a conduit, you’ll have to use prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, and sea lantern blocks can be used for this frame; you’ll have to build it in a way as shown in the image above for maximum range!

What is the give command to get Conduit in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself a conduit:  /give @p conduit 1

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