How To Make Iron Nugget In Minecraft

Iron Nugget is an essential material for many cool recipes. But is it craftable? In this article, We will show you how to craft Iron Nugget in Minecraft!
How To Make Iron Nugget In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Iron Nugget

Iron Nugget is an easy-to-find material but has many usages. You can gain access to Iron Nugget quite early in the game, as long as you found some Irons, or are lucky with loot chests. 

  • 1x Iron Ingot OR 1x any Iron Tools/Armors

How to craft Iron Nugget in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Iron Ingot

You can mine Iron Ores underground and smelt them in the Furnace to get Iron Ingots. Remember to break them with a Pickaxe.

iron ores

If you already have an Iron Ingot, go to step 2 below.

Or continue reading, I’ll show you 3 more ways you can Iron Nugget without an Iron Ingot.

You can smelt any Iron Tools/Armors/Horse Armor in the furnace to get 1x Iron Nugget.

smelt iron tool
smelt iron armor

Another way is through bartering with Piglins using Gold Ingot. They have a chance to give you 9-37x Iron Nuggets.

piglin bartering

And the final way is to look for looted chests in Bastion Remnant, Ruined portal, Shipwreck, and Village. You can get 1-18x Iron Nuggets per chest.

iron nuggets in chest

#2 Finish off crafting an Iron Nugget

When you have the Iron Ingot, simply put it in the crafting grid and you will get 9x Iron Nuggets. The ratio is always 1x Iron Ingot for 9x Iron Nuggets. And you can just press E and use your character crafting grid, no Crafting Table required.

iron nugget

What is the give command to get an Iron Nugget?

The command to give yourself an Iron Nugget is: /give @p iron_nugget 1

And now you have Iron Nugget, use it to make a chain or lanterns - the new cool-looking light source.

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