How to Make a Sliding Door in Minecraft [Redstone Guide]

Do you want a cool new way of entering your Minecraft house? Well, here we'll see how you can make a sliding door in Minecraft for both Java and Bedrock edition

Updated on May 07, 2024
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How to Make a Sliding Door in Minecraft [Redstone Guide]

This is the easiest sliding door you can currently build in Minecraft, and it's very customizable as well. Depending on how big the door will be and how much you wish to customize it, the items can vary. But here are the base items you'll need to make these Minecraft sliding doors:

Minecraft Sliding Door Items Needed

If you wish to make the door bigger and taller, do keep in mind that you'll need more sticky pistons, redstone torches, and the same blocks you're using for your door. But it will be much harder to connect taller sticky pistons to a single pressure plate to open them. In this case, we'll make the door 2 blocks tall and wide. So next up you can see how to make a sliding door in Minecraft!

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Dig a Hole Where Your Door Will Be

First, to make this Minecraft sliding door you'll want to start by digging a 2x3 hole. Make the hole 2 blocks deep as well. Then in the middle of both 3-block wide sides, dig a 3-block path which should be 2 blocks deep. But make it only 1 block deep at the end of the path. You can see the details of this hole below:

Hole Digging Minecraft

This hole is where all the Redstone magic will be happening! The entry to the sliding doors will be on the side where the hole is 2 blocks wide, so keep that in account. 

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Add Redstone Dust and Redstone Torches

Next up you'll have to fill up the hole with Redstone. But on the end of each side path where it's 1 block deep, you'll want to place a Redstone torch. Make sure here the dust isn't turned on, and only the torches are activated. 

Minecraft Sliding Door Redstone in Hole Placement

If the Redstone torches are somehow deactivated, or the Redstone gets turned on, you'll want to try and rebuild it. This contraption is essentially what will make the pistons move to create sliding doors!

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Place Covering Blocks on Hole

Now you'll have to cover up the hole with blocks of your choice. Here we chose cobblestone, but it can be anything like Iron blocks. Make sure to place one block above both Redstone torches as well!

Minecraft Sliding Door Cover Hole

If you're already adding this door to another house, make sure to cover the sides. Since the door is 3 blocks wide, you'll need a 3-block wide wall around it to cover it so it doesn't make your house look ugly.

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Add Redstone Dust to Covering Block Above Redstone Torches

With the two blocks of Redstone you have left in your inventory, you'll want to place them above the blocks covering the Redstone torches. Once you place them, make sure they're activated and glowing red.

Minecraft Sliding Door Redstone for Sticky Pistons

These are the essential Redstone placements for each side where the activation will happen, and the pistons will move for the doors to open. So if they're glowing red, then you can move on to the next step!

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Place Sticky Pistons, Glass, and Pressure Plates

On each side where you placed the last Redstone, add sticky pistons directed toward the hole. They should automatically be activated, so afterward add the glass to the sticky pistons. Lastly, place the 4 pressure plates down on the ground on each side of the glass blocks.

Minecraft Sliding Door Sticky Pistons Pressure Plate Placement

Standing on any pressure plate should activate the sticky pistons, which will move aside the glass, creating a sliding door. Now you can use these sliding doors anywhere, like an entry point to your Minecraft hot tubs

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