How To Make Waxed Oxidized Copper In Minecraft

Love the cyan color of the Waxed Oxidized Copper block in Minecraft? In this article, we will show you to craft one!

Updated on Jan 24, 2024
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How To Make Waxed Oxidized Copper In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Waxed Oxidized Copper

Waxed Oxidized Copper is a waxed version of Oxidized Copper in Minecraft. It has a completely teal color and can be used for many purposes. While this is the final stage of a Copper Block in Minecraft, this block may require a lot of time and patience to get.

  • 1x Oxidized Copper
  • 1x Honeycomb

How to craft Waxed Oxidized Copper in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Oxidized Copper

The only way to get Oxidized Copper is through a Block of Copper. You will need to go mining for Copper Ores, and smelt Raw Copper in the Furnace to get 1x Copper Ingot.


When you have 9x Copper Ingot, right-click a Crafting Table and put them all in the crafting area to craft 1x Block of Copper.


Place your Block of Copper on the ground and wait. They will eventually turn into Oxidized Copper over time.


#2 Collect 1x Honeycomb

You can get Honeycomb by using Shears on any level 5 honey Beenst or Beehive. Each use will yield 3x Honeycomb and anger the bees inside.


#3 Finish off crafting a Waxed Oxidized Copper

When you have 1x Oxidized Copper and 1x Honeycomb, press E to open your inventory and put them in the crafting area to craft 1x Waxed Oxidized Copper.


What is the give command to get a Waxed Oxidized Copper?

The command to give yourself a Waxed Oxidized Copper is: /give @p waxed_oxidized_copper 1

Now you have Waxed Oxidized Copper, let’s show it off!

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