Easily Download & Use the Extra Golems Mod in Minecraft

If you dislike that the iron golem is the only one in Minecraft, don't worry. Getting the Extra Golems mod from Curseforge includes many more golem types!

Updated on Apr 30, 2024
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Easily Download & Use the Extra Golems Mod in Minecraft

How to Get Extra Golems Mod For Minecraft

To install and use the Extra Golems mod for Minecraft, we'll be using the Forge version of Minecraft. Forge basically only functions to load up mods, so if you're looking to get some of the best mod packs, it'll help you out! But for now, here's how you can download the Extra Golems mod for Minecraft:

  1. Go to the Extra Golems mod site and select the Minecraft version for which you want the mod on the right
  2. Click on the "Extra Golems" file on the left, select "Download", and save the downloaded mod file for later
  3. Go to the Forge website, and on the left side select your Minecraft version
  4. Click on "Installer", and once the Forge file is downloaded, open it
  5. Select "Install client", click on OK, and wait for Forge to download
  6. Open the Minecraft launcher, select the "Installations" tab above, and click "Play" on your Forge version 
  7. Select the "Mods" section below, and click on "Open mods folder"
  8. Drag and drop the Extra Golems mod file you downloaded previously into the newly opened folder

Minecraft How to Download Extra Golems Mod

If you're already using the Forge version of Minecraft, there are some issues you might run into. Primarily, if you already have some of the best quality-of-life mods but they're installed for a different Minecraft version, then the game won't even open! So make sure to either delete, save, or update them to the current Minecraft version before you place the Extra Golems mod.

But if Minecraft doesn't open, then you won't have access to the mods folder using the method above. And even if it does, some Forge versions don't display the buttonto open the folder. To get access to the mods folder, press the Windows+R keys, type in "%appdata%" in the Run dialog, and go to the ".minecraft > mods" folder.

How to Use the Extra Golems Mod in Minecraft

To use the Extra Golem mod, you'll need to get an item that's called a golem spell. It's crafted using a feather, Redstone dust, an ink sac, and a piece of paper. Then when you combine the golem spell with a pumpkin head, you'll get a golem head! 

Now you can basically create a golem with lots of blocks the same way you make an iron golem - by placing the blocks in a T shape and adding the golem head on top. Many of them have unique features, so here are some honorable golems you can make in the Extra Golems mod:

  • Nether Brick golem
  • Nether Wart golem
  • Hardened Clay golem
  • Sandstone golem
  • Lapis Lazuli golem
  • Magma block golem
  • Obsidian golem
  • Gold golem
  • Stained Clay golem
  • Sea Lantern block golem, and many more

There's also the strongest of them that's definitely the Bedrock golem, but unfortunately, it can't be made in survival mode. For this one, there's the "Spawn Bedrock golem" item. Creative mode is the only way to get the strongest existing Bedrock golem, albeit that way it doesn't have much use in protecting you and your best Minecraft houses!

Minecraft Extra Golems Mod Crafting Recipes

And that's how you can get and use the Extra Golems mod in Minecraft. You should definitely get some of these new golems to go and travel with the best new Minecraft dimension mods!

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