The Best Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft

The crossbow is an amazing ranged weapon in Minecraft, but keeping it loaded and repaired can be tiresome.
The Best Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft

What Are The Best Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft? 

The best enchantments for crossbows in Minecraft are:

  • Quick Charge
  • Multishot
  • Piercing
  • Mending
  • Unbreaking

Quick Charge Crossbow Enchantment

The first of three unique enchantments for crossbows in the game, quick charge is one of the best Minecraft crossbow enchantments (if not the best enchantments for crossbows period).

This weapon enchantment allows you to reload your crossbow quickly by decreasing reload speed.

An image of a crossbow with the quick charge enchantment applied in Minecraft

The quick charge enchantment has 3 levels and with each level it decreases reloading time in game by 0.25 seconds, meaning at maximum level reload speed is reduced to just 0.5 seconds:

Quick Charge I1 Sec
Quick Charge II0.75 Sec
Quick Charge III0.5 Sec

The standard reload time for unenchanted crossbows is 1.25 seconds.

Where Can You Find Quick Charge Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft?

The quick charge crossbow enchantment can be found in the following places:

  • Fishing ( I & II only)
  • Loot Chests (I & II only)
  • Librarian trades
  • Mineshafts
  • Desert Pyramid Chests

Multishot Crossbow Enchantment

The multishot enchantment is an amazing enchantment for crossbows in Minecraft and despite only having one level, it really is one of the best crossbow enchantments available in the game.

Multishot allows the weapon to shoot multiple arrows at a time.

An image showing three arrows on fire in Minecraft

This means that when a player uses crossbows enchanted with multishot to shoot arrows, for each (one arrow) used in the shot, the crossbows will shoot three arrows.

This is a crossbow exclusive enchantment, and it works not only with normal arrows but with spectral arrows, tipped arrows and firework rockets as well.

When the crossbow shoots three arrows, the cost of one arrow is used and they will spread in different directions when released.

An image showing an enchanted crossbow in Minecraft

Only the central arrow is available to be collected, but arrows will still hit multiple targets.

With this weapon enchantment, three durability points will be used for each in- game shot, instead of one, so using multiple enchantments (such as mending) is recommended.

This enchantment is not able to be used with piercing.

Where Can You Find Multishot Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft?

You can find the multishot enchantment:

  • In enchantment tables
  • Trading with librarian villagers
  • In fishing loot
  • In chest loot

Piercing Crossbow Enchantment

The piercing enchantment is another unique enchantment, and is arguably the most useful of the Minecraft enchantments when it comes to crossbows.

For each level of the piercing enchantment, the player is able to pierce through the corresponding number of enemies using only one arrow.

An image showing a crossbow enchanted with piercing in Minecraft

Practically, this means that a single shot from enchanted crossbows can kill multiple mobs in game at the same time, with a single arrow being able to kill mobs one after the other (this is four enemies killed at maximum level):

Piercing I1
Piercing II2
Piercing III3
Piercing IV
Arrows shot from enchanted crossbows may be retrieved, including spectral and tipped, making this one of the best Minecraft enchantments for the crossbow.
This enchantment is not able to be used with other enchantments (like multishot).

Where Can You Find Piercing Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft?

You can find the piercing enchantment in the same locations as most enchantments:

  • Fishing loot
  • Trading with librarian villagers for an enchanted book
  • In enchanting tables
  • In chest loot

Mending Enchantment

The mending enchantment in Minecraft isn't a ranged weapon only enchantment, but it is an incredibly useful one.

Mending can repair points lost on your weapon’s durability in the game by using experience points, and while it only has one level, it will repair your crossbows whenever their durability decreases.

An image showing the mending enchantment on a crossbow in Minecraft

The mending durability enchantment uses one point of experience to repair two durability points, taking experience from xp orbs gained when killing mobs or crafting in game.

Any experience left in the xp orbs is given to the player as usual.

Where Can You Find Mending Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft?

The mending enchantment is a treasure enchantment, so is found in the following ways:

  • Enchantment table
  • Fishing loot
  • Trading with librarian villagers

Unbreaking Enchantment

The unbreaking enchantment is another durability enchantment for weapons in Minecraft, and is arguably the best durability enchantment all around.

An image showing the unbreaking enchantment on a crossbow in Minecraft

This enchantment has a max level of three (unbreaking I - unbreaking III) and with each level it grants the weapon enchanted a chance to avoid durability point reduction.

There are differences between the Java edition and Bedrock edition of Minecraft when applied to a crossbow:

Unbreaking I652928
Unbreaking II9781392
Unbreaking III1304

This means that functionally, your weapon will last the level of enchantment + 1 times as long as an unenchanted crossbow.

Where Can You Find Unbreaking Crossbow Enchantments In Minecraft?

Unbreaking at all levels of enchantment can be found in the usual ways: 

  • By trading with librarian villagers
  • By fishing
  • From dungeon chests
  • From an enchanting table

Curse Of Vanishing Enchantment

While not one of the best Minecraft crossbow enchantments, the curse of vanishing weapon enchantment is a noteworthy addition nonetheless, and can spice up a playthrough of the game.

The curse of vanishing enchantment does what it says - when a player dies, instead of dropping the item from their inventory (which is usually what happens when a player dies), the item will vanish permanently from the game.

An image showing the curse of vanishing on a crossbow in Minecraft

While the curse of vanishing enchantment isnt exactly an enchantment in Minecraft that most players would use on their own weapons, it’s a useful curse to have when playing Minecraft in a certain way, such as in hardcore mode.

Where Can You Find Curse Of Vanishing Enchantments In Minecraft?

You can find the curse of vanishing enchantment in the following ways:

  • Chest loot
  • Fishing
  • Trading with librarian villagers