The Best Chestplate Enchantments In Minecraft

Battles are tough in Minecraft, and mobs hit hard. A trusty chestplate can save your life, but what about enchantments? Read on to discover some of the best for your chestplate.

The Best Chestplate Enchantments In Minecraft
The Best Chestplate Enchantments In Minecraft

What Are The Best Chestplate Enchantments In Minecraft?

The best chestplate enchantments in Minecraft are: 

  • Thorns
  • Unbreaking
  • Protection (Fire, Blast and Projectile)
  • Mending
  • Curse of Binding

These enchantments in Minecraft are not exclusive to the chestplate, and can be applied to other pieces or armor (which can usually be stacked)

Thorns Enchantment

Thorns is one of the best enchantments for a chestplate in Minecraft. If you want protection that has a bite, thorns is the armor enchantment for you as thorns inflicts damage on aggressors to the player, helping to protect players from hostile mobs.

An image showing thorns in an enchanting table

The thorns enchantment has three levels and the damage caused to enemies increases with each level: 

Level Of Thorns Enchantment Chance Of Dealing Damage To Attacker
Thorns I 15%
Thorns II 30%
Thorns III 45%

Thorns at max level (Thorns III) can deal quite a bit of damage (ranging between half a heart - 2 hearts worth) to any attacker to the player, whether the incoming attack is melee damage or ranged (such as arrows or thrown tridents).

An image showing thorns on a diamond chestplate

Thorns however does come with a penalty: when a chestplate with the thorns enchantment is dealing damage, it’s also losing durability. 

Each time thorns causes damage to an attacker, the chestplate will lose two durability points.

How To Find The Thorns  Enchantment

Thorns is found either in an enchantment table (thorns I & thorns II), by finding enchanted books as mob loot, via fishing, trading with librarian villagers or in chest loot.

An image showing two enchanted diamond chestplates

Thorns III is a rarer find, so using two thorns II armor pieces in an anvil can give you thorns III. 

Thorns III can also be found as a rare trade with villagers, or in these specific locations as chest loot:

  • Mineshafts
  • Strongholds
  • Ocean Ruins
  • Desert/Jungle Pyramids
  • Jungle temples
  • Dingeons
  • Pillager outposts
  • Woodland mansions

Unbreaking Enchantment

The unbreaking enchantment is a chestplate enchantment worth going out to find.

An image showing unbreaking in an enchanting table

The reason this is one of the best Minecraft armor enchantments is because it will repair any chest plates enchanted with it, by giving the chest plate a chance to avoid durability reduction when it’s used.

Level Of Unbreaking Enchantment Chance A Hit On Durability Has Of Being Ignored
Unbreaking I 20%
Unbreaking II 27%
Unbreaking III 30%

Practically, this means a golden chestplate with maximum enchantment level (unbreaking III) has a 160% chance to avoid durability when used:

Level of Unbreaking Enchantment (On A Golden Chest Plate) Effect On Durability Increase
Unbreaking I 140
Unbreaking II 153
Unbreaking III 160

The chance to avoid damage increases with each level of unbreaking, so on chest plates this makes unbreaking very useful (think about where on your player’s body most shots hit) and makes it one of the best armor enchantments for chest plates all round.

How To Find The Unbreaking Enchantment

Unbreaking at all levels of enchantment can be found in the usual ways: 

  • By trading with librarian villagers
  • By fishing
  • From dungeon chests
  • From an enchanting table

Protection Enchantment

The protection enchantment is an interesting one, particularly when used with chest plates.

While a chestplate enchanted with protection is not able to be enchanted with any of the other protection enchantments (unless forced via commands), its total damage reduction can stack with other pieces of armor enchanted with other enchantments, up to a total of 80%.

An image of a diamond chestplate with all protection enchantments

Protection has 4 levels (protection I - protection IV) and is one of the best armor enchantments in the game, as it can hugely lessen any damage taken from a wide variety of sources:

  • Explosions
  • Fire
  • Fireworks
  • Lava
  • Fall damage
  • Wither (Java edition only)
  • Mob Attacks
  • Drowning and suffocation
  • Freezing

The protection enchantment is not effective against:

  • The Kill command
  • Hunger
  • The Void
  • The warden’s sonic attack

It can also reduce damage from sources a normal chest plate wouldn't.

For example, a chest plate enchanted with protection IV can reduce damage up to 20%:

Level Of Protection Enchantment On The Chest Plate Increase To Damage Resistance Of The Chest Plate
Protection I 4%
Protection II 8%
Protection III 16%
Protection IV 20%

This effect also brings the armor type into consideration, so for example a diamond armor piece (the chest plate) will already have 8 points of defense ( reduces damage 32% unenchanted) so you end up having much higher defense against damage with protection IV.

An image showing fire protection on a golden chestplate

This is even more pronounced if you enchant and equip a full set of armor.

Fire Protection, Blast Protection And Projectile Protection

These three armor enchantments (fire protection IV, blast protection IV and projectile protection IV) are all available to use on your chest plate.

An image showing protection on a diamond chestplate

While they are similar to the protection IV armor enchantment in that they decrease damage taken by the player while wearing enchanted armor, they only do so to specific sources of damage:

Name Of Chestplate Enchantment Type Of Damage Reduced Applies To
Fire Protection Fire damage, including all types of ongoing fire damage Fire
Soul Fire
Blast Protection Firework and explosion damage Fireworks, Wither Skulls, Wither (Bedrock edition only), TNT, Creeper/Charged Creeper, Ghast Fireball, End Crystal
Projectile Protection Projectile damage Arrows, Thrown Tridents, Llama Spit, Blaze Fireballs, Wither Skulls (Direct hit), Shulker Bullets, Ghast Fireballs (Direct hit)

There are specific differences to these chestplate enchantments between Minecraft Java edition and Bedrock edition:

Fire Protection Enchantment In Java Edition Fire Protection Enchantment In Bedrock Edition Reduces burn damage from being on fire by 15X the level of enchantment, e.g. 15X (level II) = 30% damage reduction. Gives the player fire resistance if the total enchantment level on their armor is greater than 7. E.g. a chestplate with level III, a helmet with level II and boots with level III fire armor enchantments in Minecraft will give total resistance to being set on fire.

The blast protection armor enchantment in Java reduces explosion knockback by 15 X the enchantment level as a percentage.

How To Find The Protection Enchantments

The protection enchantments are treasure enchantments, so are found via: 

  • Enchantment tables
  • Fishing loot
  • Trading with librarian villagers

Protection IV chestplate enchantments can also be found via combining two chestplates with protection III enchantments in an anvil.

Mending Enchantment

The mending armor enchantment is a solid enchantment choice for those wanting to protect their favorite chestplate.

An image showing mending on a diamond chestplate

Mending is one of the best Minecraft enchantments in general as it repairs an item's durability using experience points.

For two points of durability repaired with mending, one point of experience is taken from the exp orb (that can come from any source).

An image showing a mending enchanted book

Mending only has one level (mending I) and while it is a universal enchantment, applying it to a chestplate can ensure your favorite piece of armor is always being repaired.

How To Find The Mending Enchantment

The mending enchantment is a treasure enchantment, so is found in the following ways:

  • Enchanting tables
  • Fishing loot
  • Trading with librarian villagers

The Curse Of Binding Enchantment

The curse of binding enchantment is a strange addition to this list, but a worthy one.

The curse of binding has one level, and is exclusive to armor pieces in Minecraft.

An image showing the curse of binding on a chestplate in an anvil in Minecraft

This enchantment causes the item enchanted to be non-removable unless in creative mode,the player dies or the item breaks

For items without any durability, they are only removable on death.

An image showing the curse of binding on a chestplate in Minecraft

This curse cannot be removed via a grindstone or a crafting table, and is only activated once the chest plate is actively equipped.

How To Find The Curse Of Binding Enchantment

This armor enchantment is classed as a treasure enchantment, and is found via:

  • Chest loot
  • Fishing
  • Librarian trading