How To Make Underwater Torch In Minecraft

Ever frustrating about your torch getting broken when placing them underwater? In this article, we will show you how to craft an Underwater Torch in Minecraft.
How To Make Underwater Torch In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Underwater Torch

Underwater Torch is one of the variations of normal Torch in Minecraft and it can only be obtained in the Education or Bedrock version of Minecraft. The special thing about Underwater torches is you can actually place them in the water without them broken, so it’s really useful to light up the ocean.

  • 1x Torch
  • 1x Magnesium

How to craft Underwater Torch in Minecraft


Collect 1x Torch

Torch can be crafted by using 1x Stick and 1x Coal. You get 4x Torch for each time crafting.

craft torch

You can also find Torches generated naturally in structures like Mineshafts, Villages, Strongholds, Igloos, Woodland mansions, and Pillager Outposts

torches in mansion

Another way to get Torch is to look for chests in villages. They have a fairly high chance to contain 1-16x Torch.

torches in chest


Collect 1x Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the elements in the Minecraft Education version. It belongs to the Alkaline earth metals category and has 12x protons, 12x electrons, and 12-14x neutrons. You can get 1x Magnesium by breaking the Magnesium block.


You can use the Element Constructor to create Magnesium by right-clicking on it and sliding three sliders to the correct number of protons, electrons, and neutrons to get 1x Magnesium.

create magnesium

You can also use the Material Reducer to break several blocks to get Magnesium. Dirt blocks give you 6x Magnesium, Cobblestone family blocks give 2x Magnesium, and Clay, Terracotta give you 1x Magnesium.


Finish off crafting an Underwater Torch

When you have 1x Torch and 1x Magnesium, place the Magnesium on top of the Torch to craft 1x Underwater Torch.

craft underwater torch

What is the give command to get an Underwater Torch?

The command to give yourself an Underwater Torch is: /give @p underwater_torch 1

Now you have the Underwater Torch, let’s light up your ocean base!

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