How To Make Glow Item Frame In Minecraft

Here's a guide on how to craft a Glow Item Frame in Minecraft!
How To Make Glow Item Frame In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Glow Item Frame

Glow Item Frame is an upgraded version of Item Frame in Minecraft. Besides the display item function, it can also emit light and glow in the dark, making Glow Item Frame is quite useful if you’re going to build a base in a cave or dark place. To craft Glow Item Frame is quite medium rare since you need to find a Glow Squid.

  • 1x Item Frame
  • 1x Glow Ink Sac

How to craft Glow Item Frame in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Item Frame

Item Frame is a basic item in Minecraft that you can use to display your stuff on it. To craft 1x Item Frame you will need 8x Stick and 1x Leather.

craft item frame

You can also trade with the cartographer village to get 1x Item Frame for 7x Emerald. The villager needs to be at an expert level.

villager trading

The final way and not the most efficient way to get Item Frame is to look for End ship in the End dimension. They always contain 1x Item Frame.

item frame in end ship

#2 Collect 1x Glow Ink Sac

Glow Ink Sac is a unique item drop from Glow squids, rare mobs that only spawn underground within the dark water.

glow squid

They usually drop 1-3x Glow Ink Sac on death, and up to 6x Glow Ink Sac if you have a Looting III sword.

glow ink sac

#3 Finish off crafting a Glow Item Frame

When you have 1x Item Frame and 1x Glow Ink Sac, you can just simply put them together in the Crafting Table to craft 1x Glow Item Frame.

craft glow item frame

What is the give command to get a Glow Item Frame?

The command to give yourself a Glow Item Frame is: /give @p glow_item_frame 1

Now you have a Glow Item Frame, let’s place them in the dark location to see how it works!

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