Everything you need to know about donkeys in Minecraft

If you’re looking for the perfect Minecraft pack animals, donkeys are what you need. This is everything you need to know about them.
Everything you need to know about donkeys in Minecraft

Donkeys are one of the other animals you can come across in Minecraft. And they have several uses despite the fact that they can pull you along with them if you leash them and they decide to run. 

We suggest getting yourself a donkey or two as soon as you can. Trust us, it's worth taming a donkey in the long run.

Where do Minecraft Donkeys spawn?

If you don’t have a spawn egg for a donkey, you can look around plains and savannas to find some. In the Java edition of Minecraft, a donkey herd has between 1-3 individuals when spawning in plains and only 1 in savannas. 

Wild Minecraft Donkey in Plains Biome

In the bedrock edition of the game, donkeys spawn only in plains in groups of 2-6. 

How to tame a Donkey in Minecraft

Now that you have found your Minecraft donkey in game, you are going to need to tame it. Taming adult donkeys is a bit different from taming other animals, mainly since you do not need to feed the donkey to tame it.

Approaching Minecraft donkey to tame
  1. Approach the donkey with nothing in hand
  2. Right click on the donkey empty handed to mount it
  3. The donkey may buck you off a few times
  4. When hearts appear from the donkey, it has been successfully tamed

Now that you have tamed your donkey you can breed it, ride it and also equip chests on it for transporting items.

If your tamed donkey is killed or dies, a death message will pop up in game.

What can Donkeys drop?

When a donkey is killed it drops loot

Leather, Saddle and Chest from Minecraft Donkey
  • Leather: 0-2 leather can be dropped, can be increased to 0-5 when killed with weapon enchanted with Looting III
  • XP Points: 1-3 XP points when killed by player or tamed wolf. 1-7 XP will be dropped when you breed donkeys
  • Saddle: Tamed donkeys equipped with a saddle will drop it when killed
  • Chest: Donkeys equipped with chests will drop the chest and its contents when killed

How to breed Donkeys in Minecraft

Breeding donkeys in Minecraft is fun and a smart way to get more donkeys. You are going to need two donkeys, golden apples or golden carrots. 

Minecraft Donkeys looking at golden apple

Now that you have your two donkeys-preferably tamed- this is what you do:

  1. Equip the golden carrots or golden apples in your hand
  2. Right click on the first donkey with the carrot or apple 
  3. Right click on the second donkey to do the same
  4. Hearts should appear as the donkeys enter love mode
  5. After love mode, a baby donkey will appear

A baby donkey looks like an adult, just more spindly. It will also need to be tamed before it is rideable. 

Minecraft Donkey family

Unlike horses, the foal will look exactly like its parents when fully grown. Foals take around 20 minutes to reach adulthood. Feed the foal to mature it faster.

Feeding a Minecraft Donkey

Donkeys aren’t fussy when it comes to feeding. And food can affect a donkey's behavior or make it grow. You can feed all of these to your Minecraft donkey

Food for Minecraft Donkey
  • Apple: restore hearts by 1
  • Golden Carrot: use a golden carrot to breed or restore health by 4
  • Golden Apple: restore health by 10 with a golden apple or to breed
  • Hay Bales: restores health by 10 per bale
  • Sugar: restores 1 heart
  • Wheat: restores hearts by 2

How to equip chests on a Minecraft Donkey

A tamed donkey can be equipped with chests to carry items for you in game. You are going to need a chest for this and your donkey.

Approaching Minecraft Donkey with chest
  1. Approach your Minecraft donkey with a chest in hand
  2. Right click on the donkey with the chest
  3. The chest is now equipped!
Minecraft Donkey equipped with chest

To access the chest inventory, mount the donkey and open your inventory. You can also check the chest by pressing left shift and then right clicking on the donkey. The only way to get the chest back is to kill the donkey. Don’t do this, just make a new chest. 

What are health points on donkeys?

A Minecraft donkey comes with a health bar which is visible when being ridden, this shows the health points it has.

Minecraft Donkey Health bar

 A donkey’s health bar can deplete if they take damage from players or anything that isn’t a passive mob. 

Can you ride a donkey in Minecraft?

Yes you can and riding a donkey is an efficient way to travel. When riding your donkey you can also jump, use melee weapons and run up slopes. First, you need a saddle.

How to use a saddle on a donkey

Donkeys have a separate saddle slot, right click on a donkey while holding a saddle to equip it. 

Tamed Minecraft Donkey before saddle

Now that your donkey has been saddled, right click on it to mount it and you can ride long distances with it. However just remember that the saddle will not come off unless you kill the donkey.

Tamed Minecraft Donkey wearing saddle

They have a movement speed of 7.5 blocks per second, we have about 4.3 blocks per second. 

Can you use a lead on a donkey?

If you do not have a saddle yet, you can use a lead on a donkey when traveling. Even an untamed donkey or a foal can be leashed and led along. 

Using a lead on Minecraft Donkey

Can a Minecraft Donkey Jump?

Similar to horses, spawned and bred donkeys can jump in Minecraft. A spawned donkey’s jump height or jump strength is always 0.5 while a bred donkey can have a jump strength between 0.4 to 1.0-just like a horse. 

Are donkeys passive in Minecraft?

A Minecraft Donkey is one of the passive mobs ingame. They will not attack players even if hit and are more likely to run away instead. 

Selective breeding and other fun facts about donkeys

Just when you think you know everything you need to know about donkey, Minecraft shows you more facts

Group of Minecraft Donkeys
  • If you breed horses you get a baby horse, but if you breed horses with donkeys you get mules
  • Unlike a baby horse that will have completely random markings, a foal is an exact copy of its parents
  • Attaching a lead to a donkey puts you at risk of being pulled along if the donkey decides to run or jump. Brace.
  • Picking up dropped leather from a donkey gives the ‘Cow Tipper’ achievement

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