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How To Make White Concrete Powder In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to make a White Concrete Powder in Minecraft? In this article, we will show you how!
How To Make White Concrete Powder In Minecraft

Everything you need to make White Concrete Powder

White Concrete Powder is the first-ever concrete powder in Minecraft that can be crafted by using some sand, gravel, and a piece of white dye.

  • 1x White Dye
  • 4x Sand
  • 4x Gravel

How to craft White Concrete Powder in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x White Dye

White Dye is a primary dye color that can be crafted by using 1x Bone Meal or 1x Lily of the Valley.

craft white dye

You can craft 3x Bone Meal from 1x Bone, which you can get from killing Skeletons.

craft bone meal

Lily of the Valley is a rare flower that can only be spawned in the Flower Forest biome.

lily of the valley

#2 Collect 4x Sand

You can find Sand in large chunks in some biomes like Deserts, Beaches, Lakes, and Rivers. Just make sure to use a Shovel to gather them.


You can also find Sand in looted chests in the Desert Temple. They have a 59% chance to contain 5-8x Sand.

sand in chest

Additionally, you can trade 1x Emerald with the Wandering Trader for 8x Sand.

#3 Collect 4x Gravel

Gravel is also a common block in Minecraft that can be found in most biomes, either on the surface or underground. Some biomes that contain Gravel are Beaches, Rivers, Windswept Gravelly Hills, Oceans, and Stony Shores.

gravel hill

You can also trade with the Piglins in the Nether dimension for Gravel. They have a small chance to give 8-16x Gravel for 1x Gold Ingot.

trade gravel

#4 Finish off crafting a White Concrete Powder

When you have 4x Sand, 4x Gravel, and 1x White Dye, right-click a Crafting Table and just put all 9 items in the crafting grid to craft 8x White Concrete Powder.

craft white concrete powder

What is the give command to get a White Concrete Powder?

The command to give yourself a White Concrete Powder is: /give @p white_concrete_powder 1

Now you have White Concrete Powder, you can turn it into White Concrete or just use it to build straight away!

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