How to Get the Infinity Enchantment Minecraft

Want unlimited arrows in Minecraft? Using the infinity enchantment allows the player to shoot unlimited arrows while keeping only one arrow in inventory.

Updated on Jan 17, 2024
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How to Get the Infinity Enchantment Minecraft

To survive, you need constant resources including tools and weapons. There is a way to increase weapon power and durability. Infinity enchantment is one of that ways. It will eliminate the resource used for crafting arrows for the bow.

How? In this article, we will guide you on how you can get this Minecraft infinity enchantment from different sources and how you can use it. So let's jump into the adventure.

What Is The Infinity Enchantment?

Minecraft Infinity Enchantment is the enchantment of your bow. This enchantment allows you to shoot unlimited arrows from your bow even if you have only one arrow left in your inventory.


It means you must have at least one arrow to shoot unlimited arrows from the bow once you have an enchanted bow. The infinity can also be combined with other enchantments except for the mending enchantments. The best combination is the Infinity and Unbreaking enchantments.

There is another requirement of using the infinity bow, you can only use simple arrows with it. You can’t use any other enchanted arrows like spectral arrows. Infinity enchantment books can be obtained through the following methods.

How to Get Infinity Enchantment

Infinity enchantment is a powerful bow enchantment. You can get it on an item by enchanting it with an enchanted book and then using an anvil to combine the book and the item. Below are the fastest methods to get the Infinity enchantment book.

Fishing With Enchanted Rod

You might be thinking how fishing may get you an infinity enchantment? Fishing doesn’t only give you fish, you can get various things like enchanted books, nautilus shells, saddles, name tags, and fishing rods.


Infinity enchantment is thought to be difficult to obtain, but sometimes you may be lucky. The only thing you need to do is make a fishing rod with strings and sticks and go fishing in the ocean.

You can also make a boat if you want to go to the center of the ocean for fishing. The chances to get the infinity enchantment book is 0.7% if you are not using the enchanted rod so get enchanting tables. The best enchantment, in this case, is the Luck of the sea enchantment. It will increase the chance up to 3%. Once you get the infinity combat book, run to your anvil with a bow.

On the first try, you will have a 1% chance but with increasing tries, you will have more chances to get enchantment books. These books may be of any type, so again it depends on your luck.

Trading With Librarian Villager

One most popular method to the infinity enchanted book is through trading. The best traders of enchanted books with lapis lazuli are the Librarian Villagers. As your Village grows, it becomes increasingly easy to find a Librarian.

This is because, as more Villagers are added, the number of Librarians increases proportionally. In other words, if you want to make finding a Librarian simpler, aim to have a large Village.


You can also force a villager to be a librarian by placing a Lectern in front of him. It is easy to make an unemployed villager a librarian but you can unemploy any employed villager to convert him into a librarian. You have to destroy the worksite of that villager to unemploy him. The other sign of an unemployed villager is that he nods his head in no when you click on him.

You can create a whole library with different villager librarians trading enchanted books like Power, Unbreaking, Curse of Binding, Curse of Vanishing, etc.

Enchantment Table

An Enchanting table is another simple and fast method to get the infinity and other enchantment. Here you can get the enchanted items. To enchant your bow using enchantment table, you will need three Lapis Lazuli with a minimum of 30 levels of experience.


This method depends on your luck. If in the 3rd column, there is any other enchantment than infinity, then you have to try again and again with new bows until you get the infinity enchantment.

As it is a level 3 enchantment, don’t forget to place bookshelves around the enchanting table so it can increase its enchantment level. As a result, you will get the book much faster.

Use Anvil

Just like the enchantment table, Anvils are tools that are primarily used to repair tools, armor, and weapons, as well as combine enchantments and rename items. When an item is damaged, it can be placed on an anvil and repaired by using iron, gold, or diamond tools.


To enchant your bow with infinity enchantment, you will need a simple bow and infinity enchanted books. You will need just one book for one arrow.

First, you have to place the bow in the first empty box of the anvil and place the enchanted book combat infinity in the second empty box. You will get the infinity enchanted bow on the third output box. It will cost you only 4 experience points which is very less than the enchanting table method.

Chest Loot

Chests loot in Minecraft is the chest containing a variety of items that can be useful to the player. These chests are often found near spawners and dungeon-like areas and will rarely contain anything of value to the player.


The contents of a chest will depend on the location of the chest and the biome in which it is found in the Minecraft world. For example, if you found a chest near the forest it will contain wood and saddle and if you found a chest near a spider spawner it will contain webs and spider eyeballs and lapis lazuli.

The infinity enchantment is often found in the treasure chest in the deep ocean or near the shores buried in the sand. To find that chest you will need the treasure map. These maps are also found in other chests. 

In a loot chest, the chances of finding an enchanted book are far higher in library chests within strongholds, with odds ranging from 50% to 70 percent.

You only have a 14% chance to find the infinity book in the mineshaft loot chest, less than 25% in desert temples and water ruins, and only 10% in pillager outposts.

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