How To Get Lure In Minecraft

It can take quite some time to net the perfect fish catch, but luckily there's an amazing enchantment to make it that much easier.

Updated on Jan 17, 2024
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How To Get Lure In Minecraft

How Do You Get Lure In Minecraft?

Lure is an enchantment used on Fishing Rods in Minecraft. The Lure enchantment increases the hit rate on the Fishing Rod hook.

Lure is comprised of 3 levels and is found by:

  1. Placing a Fishing Rod on an Enchanting Table
  2. Trading with a Villager
  3. Fishing and finding enchanted Books
  4. Finding enchanted Books in chests
  5. Using the /enchant command


What Does Lure Do?

Lure in all its levels affects the bite rate of the rod when fishing in Minecraft. When a player is fishing, the wait time for a fish bite is generated anywhere between 5 seconds and 30 seconds.

This time can be affected by other conditions, such as the wait time for a fish biting being doubled if the bobber on the rod is not in direct sun/moonlight, and the wait time being reduced by 25% if the block the bobber is in is being rained on in your Minecraft world.

Fishing is more complex in Minecraft than it seems at first glance, but don't let that put you off grabbing your gear and searching for fish- or treasure.

Lure has 3 levels and directly affects these wait times. When applied to fishing rods, each Lure enchantment decreases the wait time by 5 seconds, decreasing it by 15 seconds at maximum level.

Lure I
-5 Seconds
Lure II
-15 Seconds
Lure III
-20 Seconds

Functionally, each level of Lure increases your chances of getting a catch of fish, trash or treasure.

How To Find A Lure Enchantment In Minecraft

Enchantments in Minecraft can be found in a number of ways, including using a fishing rod to fish for them.

  1. Place a fishing rod on to an enchanting table
  2. Fish for enchanted books containing the lure enchantment
  3. Find enchanted books containing lure in loot chests
  4. Trade emeralds for an enchanted book with a librarian

Finding Lure is relatively easy if you have access to an enchanting table, as simply placing a fishing rod on an enchanting table will allow you to enchant it with lure.

Finding books containing the Lure enchantments by fishing is another way to get hold of Lure. Simply fish in any open water ( defined in Minecraft as the bobber of the fishing rod being surrounded by 5X4X5 blocks of water) e.g the sea to catch treasure- the enchanted book with the Lure enchantments.


Players can also find Lure when catching enchanted weapons or armor. It's possible to pick up a fishing rod enchanted with Lure this way, but it will always have an amount of damage on it.

Lure can also be found when trading with Villagers, particularly Librarians. Using emeralds, players can trade for enchanted books (look for the Lure book). In the Java edition of Minecraft, the chance to find enchanted books in Librarian inventory is 2/3 at the novice, apprentice and journeyman level, and have a 50% chance to sell books at the expert level.

You can find Lure (all levels Lure I- Lure III) in chests as loot, in various different structures and above/below ground dungeons in your Minecraft world.Can You Use Lure With Other Enchantments?Fishing rods in Minecraft can have up to 5 enchantments each on them, and Lure can be used with any of them, but the most beneficial enchantment that can be paired with Lure is the Luck Of The Sea enchantment.

Luck Of The Sea

The Luck Of The Sea enchantment increases the luck mechanic in Minecraft, meaning that with each level of the enchantment, there's a 2% increase in chance to catch treasure, a 2% decrease in chance to catch junk and a 0.15% decrease in chance to catch fish.

What this means is when fishing, a rod with Luck Of The Sea has a better chance of catching treasure loot as the likelihood of catching other items is reduced.

Paired with the Lure enchantment, you could be catching mounds of treasure in your game in no time, further building your weapons and armor collection.


How Do You Enchant A Fishing Rod In Minecraft?

There are a few ways in which Lure (or any other enchantment) can be added to a fishing rod in Minecraft.

  1. Using an Anvil (requires a Lure enchanted book)
  2. Using an Enchanting Table
  3. Using game commands

Placing the rod you wish to enchant along with the Lure enchanted book into an Anvil will enchant the item. Make sure to have the correct level of enchantments book in the Anvil inventory and wait.

Using Enchanting Tables in Minecraft to enchant items involves the use of Lapis Lazuli and experience points. Players can place the item to be enchanted and 1-3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli onto the Enchantment Table. If they have enough levels they may enchant the item.


The Enchanting table needs bookshelves (up to 15) to increase the level of enchanted items. 

Lure can also be applied to a fishing rod by using commands. The commands for Lure are:

Lure I/enchant @p lure 1
Lure II/enchant @p lure 2
Lure III/enchant @p lure 3

Be cautious, as if you try to enchant with Lure level above level 5, the wait timer won't start at all. 

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