How To Make White Stained Glass In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft White Stained Glass in Minecraft, a variation of a normal glass block.
How To Make White Stained Glass In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft White Stained Glass in Minecraft

Glass in Minecraft is used as a decorative block as it is fully transparent. It is mainly used by the players to build windows in Minecraft and mob farms. You can dye these glass blocks with any color available in Minecraft. Glass blocks can also be used to craft glass panes in Minecraft.

Here are the items you’ll need to craft White Stained Glass:

How to craft White Stained Glass in Minecraft

#1 Crafting Glass

Glass in Minecrat can be crafted by simply smelting some sand, as shown in the recipe above. You can use this glass to craft many items like stained glass, Glass bottles, etc.

#2 Crafting white dye

White dye is one of the many dyes in Minecraft and can be crafted from the items found in the game. We can be crafted using a bone meal that is obtained from bones. It can also be crafted by using lily of the valley, a type of flower in Minecraft.

#3 Crafting White stained glass

Once you have all the necessary items at your disposal, simply put them on the crafting table according to the recipe shown above and you’ll have crafted your very own white stained glass in Minecraft. 

Apart from white stained glass, glass can also be crafted into a stained glass of every color available in Minecraft. Recently a new type of glass, called the tinted glass block, was also added in the ga, me that obstructs light.

What is the give command to get White Stained Glass in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself white stained glass: /give @p white_stained_glass 1‍

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