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How To Fly With a Trident in Minecraft

Trident do help the player in flying in the air however it is difficult to control as compared to other flying methods.
How To Fly With a Trident in Minecraft

In Minecraft, it's not just the elytra that allow you to fly. Trident has similar characteristics. So, if you are thinking about how you can get a trident and how you can fly using it, then you are at the right blog to get all your answers. We will discuss the easiest ways to fly using the trident. 

Where to Get Trident in Minecraft?

Trident is a melee weapon that can be used in water and land to attack mobs or melee damage, enemies. It causes more damage to the aquatic mobs than any other weapon used underwater. 

The best places to get the trident are the underwater ruins, shipwrecks, buried treasure chests, or cave treasures. You can also get a trident as a dropping of a drowned mob when you kill them. Trident is also known to summon the lightning bolt.

How To Fly With a Trident in Minecraft?

A simple trident does not fly at all. You will need to enchant that trident using the "Riptide" enchantment. This enchantment allows you to use the riptide tridents to fly; otherwise, it just acts as a weapon. 

How To Fly With a Trident in Minecraft

To enchant the trident, the best way is to get the Riptide enchantment book and place it in the anvil with the trident. You will have the Riptide enchanted trident. There is also a condition to fly with a trident. 

You can either fly in the rain or use a water source to take off. Here's what you can do to fly higher in Minecraft using a trident.

Step 1: Get The Elytra

When you're already flying at a high level, elytra make it easier to keep going. 

The use of an elytra is required in order to reach a significant height. You can find the elytra in the End-City. It can commonly be discovered at the End-Ship. Once you have it, move to the next step.

Step 2: Enchant Your Trident

Trident enchantment is an essential part of flying with the trident. T

ake a trident and place it in the anvil with the Riptide enchantment book. You can also use an enchanting table, but the chances of getting Riptide enchanted tridents are less in this case. Once you have enchanted and got your riptide trident, you are ready to fly.

Step 2 Enchant Your Trident

Step 3: Make a Take-Off Point

This technique works if you are away from the ocean or any water body. You have to make a simple pool of water to take off. Dig a 3x6 block trench into the ground. Fill the trench with water.

Step 3 Make a Take-Off Point

Place 5 to 6 blocks near the trench. Climb up to these blocks and jump into the trench. Don't sink to the bottom. Your elytra will be deactivated as you touch the ground. 

Now throw your trident straight into the air while floating. Once the trident hits, it will take you higher in the sky. While in the air, you can throw unlimited tridents to fly higher.

Step 3 Make a Take-Off Point

You have to wear a complete armor set to protect yourself from any fall damage when you are coming back to the ground. You can also use feather falling on your boots which is the best enchantment in this case.

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