How To Make Item Frame In Minecraft

Ever want to display your item outside the world to showcase to people? In this article, we will show you how to craft an Item Frame in Minecraft.

Updated on Nov 10, 2023
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How To Make Item Frame In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Item Frame

Item Frame is a useful item in Minecraft that can be used to display any item placed on it. This can be used for organizing purposes. To craft an Item Frame is easy enough, you just need to find some sticks and cows.

  • 8x Stick
  • 1x Leather

How to craft Item Frame in Minecraft

#1 Collect 8x Stick

Stick is a common material Minecraft and they’re fairly easy to get. You can craft 4x Stick by using 2x Planks.


Or you can use 2x Bamboo to craft 1x Stick. Bamboo only grows in the Jungle biome.


And there are so many other ways to get Stick like going fishing, killing witches, breaking Leaves and Dead bushes, or looting chests in Villages. But crafting them from Planks is the easiest way to go!

#2 Collect 1x Leather

You can get Leather by killing Cows, Horses, Donkeys, Llamas, Mooshrooms, and Hoglins in Minecraft. They usually drop 0-2x Leather and up to 5x with Looting III.


Another way to get Leather is to go fishing. You have a 0.4-1% chance to get 1x Leather.


The final way is to use 4x Rabbit Hide to craft 1x Leather.


#3 Finish off crafting an Item Frame

When you have 8x Stick and 1x Leather, right-click the Crafting Table and put the Leather in the center, then surround it with 8x Stick to craft 1x Item Frame.


You can also trade with the Cartographer Villager to get 1x Item Frame for 7x Emerald. They need to be at the expert level to have this trade.


Alternatively, you can get 1x Item Frame from inside the End Ship in the End dimension.

What is the give command to get an Item Frame?

The command to give yourself an Item Frame is: /give @p item_frame 1

Now you have an Item Frame, let’s upgrade your storage system even more!

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