Everything You Need To Know About Endermites In Minecraft

These tiny terrors disappear as fast as they arrive, yet are mysterious and sometimes dangerous. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about Endermites in Minecraft.

Everything You Need To Know About Endermites In Minecraft
Everything You Need To Know About Endermites In Minecraft

Where Do Endermites Spawn In Minecraft?

Endermites don't have specific spawn areas, but they are more likely to spawn in The End dimension. Endermites have a 5% chance to spawn when a player throws Ender Pearls, spawning where the player is standing rather than where the Ender pearl lands.

An image of a spawn egg being used to spawn an Endermite

A Minecraft Endermite only stays in the area they spawn in for a short time, despawning within two minutes unless they're named with a name tag.

An image of an Ender Pearl being used to spawn an Endermite

Endermites can also be spawned in with a spawn egg in creative mode, this is not available in survival mode. 

What Do Endermites Drop?

When killed by a player or a tamed wolf, a Minecraft Endermite drops:

  • 3 experience points

Will A Minecraft Endermite Attack Me?

Endermites are hostile mobs that are hostile to players and they will attack you. Endermites will attack players who come within a 16 block radius of them, and they will defend their own, flocking to the attacker if a player damages an Endermite near other Endermites.

An image of a player fighting three Endermites

While Endermites only do 1 heart worth of damage per hit, this damage can quickly add up as they swarm the player.

Do Endermites Attack Other Animals?

Endermites are hostile, so they will attack other creatures and hostile mobs in the game.

An image of an Iron Golem standing in a village

Endermites will attack other mobs if they attack first, and will target iron golems (commonly found in villages) and Endermen in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

Endermites And Endermen

Endermen will target and attack a Minecraft Endermite if one comes within a 64 block radius of them. This can cause battles to rage, with Endermites and Endermen fighting it out…not that Endermites often win.

How Do I Fight An Endermite?

Endermites may be small and annoying, but they’re easy to fight. Endermites have 4 hearts worth of health, and any weapon is effective against them.

An image of a group of 6 Endermites

Weapons enchanted with the Bane of Arthropods enchantment has increased effectiveness against Endermites, as they are classed as arthropods in the game.

Can You Tame An Endermite?

Endermites aren’t able to be tamed in the same way a wolf or cat can be tamed, but they can be caught and captured.

An image of a named Endermite in a pit

By using a name tag on an Endermite, players can stop them from despawning. This can give your new Endermite friend some personality, even if they’ll still be hostile towards you.

How To Name An Endermite

To name an Endermite, follow these steps:

  1. Find a name tag first, name tags are not able to be crafted and must be found in the following locations: 
  • As fishing treasure
  • As chest loot in Dungeons, Ancient Cities, Woodland Mansions and Mineshafts
  • Trading with a master level librarian villager for 20 emeralds
  1. Once you have a name tag, place it on an anvil to rename it
  2. Find an Endermite you want to name
  3. Hold the name tag in your main hand
  4. Stand infront of the Endermite and press use

Once named, the Endermite won’t despawn and can be lured into traps or cells to keep them in the same place. A glass box can be used as a terrarium to hold your new Endermite pet, for example. 

How Do You Farm An Endermite?

Endermites can’t be farmed themselves in Minecraft, but can be used in an experience and ender pearl farm to lure in Endermen.

Endermites can be trapped in a minecart using blocks, creating a permanent lure for the Endermen, as they are hostile to the tiny mobs.

An image of an Endermite lure in Minecraft

Using a drop pit that damages the Endermen enough can mean they’re killed in one hit.

The ender pearls harvested from the Endermen killed in this trap can be used to spawn more Endermites.

What Are Endermites Useful For?

When fighting the Enderdragon in the End dimension, Endermites can provide a useful distraction to the Endermen found in the area.

An image of Endermen fighting Endermites in Minecraft

Endermen will target and fight Endermites ( when ordinarily they’d fight the player), meaning the player can fight the Enderdragon in relative peace. 

Fun Facts About Endermites

  • The old Endermite model used to be a reskinned Silverfish, with a hidden tail
  • The Endermite is the smallest hostile mob in the game
  • Endermites used to have a chance of spawning when Endermen teleport
  • Endermites used to suffocate in soul sand because they’re so small
  • Killing an Endermite is part of two advbancements in Minecraft: ‘Monster Hunter’ and ‘Monsters Hunted’
  • Endermites can fit through a 0.3 block gap