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The Best Lush Cave Seeds In Minecraft

Lush Seeds mentioned here can be used for both Java and Bedrock, but structures will generate differently in each edition.
The Best Lush Cave Seeds In Minecraft

Best Lush Cave Seeds In Java Edition

While these lush cave seeds for Minecraft Java edition can be used in Bedrock (and visa versa), but structures generate differently, so keep this in mind when searching for the best lush caves seeds.

Wooded Badlands Spawn - 587922110

When using this lush cave seed, the player spawn point is inside wooded badlands, next to blue oceans filled with coral reefs.

Down on the cliff face, you’ll find several entrances to the lush cave biome, making hunting for Axolotls and crafting resources easy.

Image of hanging azalea in a lush cave in Minecraft

These lush caves also reside near a desert village (at coordinates -350, -400) for all your trading needs.

Double Cave Spawn - 42663

This lush cave seed sees the players’ spawn point set in an old growth taiga biome, with easy access to a large lush cave (at coordinates 55, -175) through cave openings only a few hundred blocks away.

Image of water in a lush cave in Minecraft

This large lush cave seamlessly joins to a classic dripstone cave, providing a whole range of player resources.

Biggest Lush Cave Spawn (Java) - 8855702801489964397

Colossal and cavernous, these sprawling lush caves have ceilings full of glow berries and rich plant life stretching for as far as the eye can see.

Image of waterfalls in a lush cave in minecraft

Lakes and mini-mountains litter the cave floor below, with this Minecraft seed spawning the player into a rare bamboo jungle biome, directly above these lush caves.

Lush Cave Village Spawn - 413293488

This astounding lush cave seed features one of the best lush caves one can find.

A village (at coordinates 77,36) has generated within the gorgeous lush cave biome itself, allowing players to trade in the most beautiful of environments.

Image of structures inside a lush cave in Minecraft

This lush cave seed also features a ruined portal close to the village, and the players spawn point is in a dark oak forest biome with entrances to the cave at the bottom of the cliff.

Desert Oasis Spawn - 2600690663582892128

Hidden beneath a barren desert mountain, this mountain lush cave seed provides an amazing site for a player base, as the green and blue jewel of the underground oasis even has a beautiful geode inside.

Image of a desert with a cave in Minecraft

The entrance opens up to the baked earth, so it’s an easy lush cave to find.

Best Lush Cave Seeds In Bedrock Edition

As mentioned before, these Minecraft lush cave seeds can be used in Java edition, but structures e.g. ruined portals may be out of place.

Tundra Oasis Spawn - 266623395

A frozen island with a glistening green cave inside, an exposed lush cave entrance on the cliffside gives way to a huge lush caves biome.

Image of cliffside with lush cave enterance

This lush cave is so deep players can reach deepslate with ease. The location of the lush cave is at coordinates -425, -246.

Lush Cove Spawn - 1137461630

Like a hidden pirate cove, the ocean cave coordinates to find this magical lush cave are -381, -635.

Being one of the best lush caves in Bedrock edition, the hanging azalea trees trail over rivers of water and lava fall.

Image of a lake with an entrance to a lush cave

This hidden cove also connects to a network of lush caves for underground exploration to the max.

Biggest Lush Cave Spawn (Bedrock) - 1052646763

This massive section of lush caves is one of the best Minecraft lush cave seeds found. The player will firstly spawn directly on smaller lush caves, found in the rare jungle biomes.

Azalea tree spots will tell the player theyre directly over a lush cave entrance, so digging down on an azalea tree will lead into the caves.

Image of a large lush cave

To find the gigantic cavern, use the coordinates 593, -170 on your map.

Ancient City Spawn - 156227665

This is another of the great lush caves seeds for Minecraft, and for very good reason.

An ancient city is nestled within this beautiful lush cave, which includes a village, two exposed mineshafts and a ruined portal!

Image of lush cave with exposed mineshafts

An excellent cave seed for exploration, you can find the lush cave by using the coordinates 168, -164.

Ruined Cliff  Spawn - 416118476

This bedrock lush cave seed leads to a tall sea cliff, with the exterior looking weathered and battered. 

Nestled within the rockface amongst other cave entranced sits the lush cave entrance, its small size giving it the same feel as more typical caves.

To find it, use coordinates 5,4.

An inside image of a lush cave looking out to the entrance

This lush cave sits above a large lake, complete with cascading waterfall to complete it’s magical look.

What Is A Lush Cave Seed?

A seed of any type (lush cave, snowy taiga etc) is a numerical code that can be put into the world creation menu to generate an identical Minecraft world that’s set to the seed.

Image showing the game options screen with a seed input in the seed box

In other words, the seed is the code thats “saved” to that particular world, which players can input to play in that world.

How Do You Use A Lush Cave Seed?

To use a lush cave seed, input the seed code into the ‘seed’ box on the world creation screen.

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Select “create new”
  3. Navigate to the options menu
  4. Scroll down to the seed box
  5. Enter the lush cave seed code
  6. Press ‘create’
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