How To Save A Toolbar In Minecraft

With so many different blocks and items to sift through in the creative mode, it's very useful to have your most-used favorites to hand in a saved toolbar.
How To Save A Toolbar In Minecraft

Toolbars can be saved in Minecraft’s creative mode to allow quick selection of preferred items by the player. 

Luckily, there is an option in this game mode to save entire hotbars.

This is particularly useful for building, as materials are quick to access and can be replenished straight into their inventory slots (note this feature is not yet available in bedrock edition)

To save a toolbar in Minecraft:

  1. Ensure your world is set to creative mode by selecting in the main menu
  2. Press the E key to open the creative mode inventory
  3. In the creative mode inventory, select Saved Toolbars at the top of the screen (the bookshelf icon named “saved toolbars”)
  4. When the items you wish to add to the toolbar are selected in your hotbar, press the “C” key on the keyboard and press a number from 1-9; this allocates that particular toolbar configuration to a position saved in the hotbar, e.g. press key C+1 = items saved in the first row.
Image showing a controls screen in Minecraft

The sections of the toolbar hold up to 81 different items in nine rows, so up to 9 toolbars are available to save which are visible in the saved toolbars inventory display.

Note that this toolbars tab is not available in the survival inventory.

What Can I Do With My Saved Toolbar?

There are many different reasons why players may wish to save their toolbars. 

Depending on your play style and how you want to interact with the Minecraft world, saving a hotbar can be done for the following reasons:

  1. Saved toolbars are universal- this means that the different blocks and items that are selected will be  in the configuration they are set to in the saved toolbar and be accessible all the time across all other world saves -  no matter what world the player may be in.
  2. If building in Minecraft, being able to save toolbars can be a quick way of pulling up building stuff such as needed materials and other items to make larger constructions easier to build, makes building structures much quicker.
Image showing different types of wood in Minecraft
  1. A saved hotbar can be used to access and save blocks that are only available in the creative inventory, such as command blocks and barriers.

Using saved toolbars when building is one of the most useful tools players have. Blocks that are frequently used for all of your constructions can be saved and transferred over to new player worlds to easily find and place, allowing players to easily switch.

How To Access A Saved Toolbar

To retrieve saved hotbars, use of the X key and the number of the saved toolbar is used (similar to how toolbars are saved):

  1. Hold the X key
  2. Press the number representing the toolbar/item you’d like to retrieve

It’s as simple as that! Accessing saved toolbars in this way allows players to instantly switch between sets of items and allows rapid refilling, which is very useful when using building materials.

Image showing a

All the items or different building blocks will be accessible through the saved hotbars inventory, however an empty slot will not respond if its number is pressed.

How To Clear Your Saved Toolbar In Minecraft

There are two ways of clearing your saved toolbar in Minecraft: Recovering all the items into your main hotbar, or deleting the toolbar entirely.

How To Recover Items From A Saved Toolbar

Recovering items makes use of X and numbers in the same way as accessing a toolbar does.

Image showing a full

If there’s one set of items e.g. a single block in each slot of the save toolbars, it will be recovered into the main inventory hot bar.

  1. Press and hold the X Key
  2. Press the number of the toolbar/item you need to recover to your main inventory

How To Delete A Saved Toolbar

If you’ve saved a hot bar that you’d like to completely change, there is an option to delete it entirely and try again. 

This will also place an informational paper back into the hotbar inventory.

Image showing The

To destroy your hotbar:

  1.  Open the inventory by pressing E
  2. Go into the toolbar inventory 
  3. Navigate to and click the “Destroy Item” button

This will completely remove all the slots in toolbars, so only use this if you're sure you want to delete it.

Keep in mind any other saved toolbars will still be available in the saved hotbars section of the inventory.

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