How To Make Block Of Emerald In Minecraft

Which block suits the most when it comes to building a Beacon? In this article, we will show you how to craft a Block of Emerald in Minecraft.
How To Make Block Of Emerald In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Block of Emerald

Block of Emerald is the green mineral block that can be crafted by using some Emerald. Depending on the way you play, getting Block of Emerald may be hard or super easy for you. If you prefer mining for Emerald, good luck with that! Another way, making a villager trading hall system is the best approach to get Block of Emerald in a large quantity.

  • 9x Emerald

How to craft Block of Emerald in Minecraft


Collect 9x Emerald

The traditional and fascinating way to get Emerald is to go mining for Emerald Ore. They usually spawn from layers -16 to 320 of the Y-axis and can be found mostly at layer 236. If you have a Fortune III pickaxe, you can get up to 4x Emerald per Emerald ore.

emerald ore

If you’re using a Silk Touch pickaxe to mine it, you will receive 1x Emerald Ore instead. Simply save it when you have a better pickaxe, or just either mine it with a normal pickaxe or smelt it in the Furnace to get 1x Emerald.

smelt emerald ore

The most efficient way to get Emerald in large quantities is to make a villager trading hall. You can literally trade anything for Emerald. Even Stick and Glass Pane still make some good profit!

emerald trading

Alternatively, you can find Emerald in chests in most structures like Temples, Buried Treasures, End cities, Igloos, Shipwrecks, and Villages. They have a small chance to contain 1-8x Emerald.


Finish off crafting a Block of Emerald

When you have 9x Emerald, right-click on a Crafting Table and put all 9x in the crafting grid to craft 1x Block of Emerald.

craft block of emerald

What is the give command to get a Block of Emerald?

The command to give yourself a Block of Emerald is: /give @p emerald_block 1

Now you have Block of Emerald, consider making some more to make a beacon out of Emerald Block.

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