Everything You Need To Know About Goats In Minecraft

Despite being a fairly simple creature, there’s more to the Goat in Minecraft that meets the eye. This guide will tell you all you need to know!

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Everything You Need To Know About Goats In Minecraft

Where Do Goats Spawn In Minecraft?

Goats in Minecraft spawn in mountain biomes, in groups of two - three. They're found:

  • On snowy slopes
  • On jagged peaks
  • On frozen peaks


Minecraft goats live only in the overworld. Goats can also spawn individually throughout mountainous biomes after the world has generated alongside other mobs, and 5% of all goat spawns will be baby goats.

What Do Goats Drop In Minecraft?

When a player kills a goat in Minecraft, the goat will drop:

  • 1-3 experience points when killed by a player or wolf
  • 1-7 experience points when successfully bred


  • Goats can also drop 1-2 goat horn when they charge into a solid block.
  • Milk can be collected from goats using a bucket.
  • Baby goats yield no experience points when killed.
  • Goat horns

What can you do with Goat Horns

A goat horn is a musical instrument made from a goats horns that are dropped by goats when they ram into certain blocks.


The blocks goats ram to drop horns are:

  • Ore - Coal, Copper, Iron, Emerald
  • Logs
  • Packed Ice
  • Stone

There are 8 different types of horns to collect. 4 horns can be collected from “normal” goats:

  • Ponder
  • Sing
  • Seek
  • Feel

4 horns can be collected from “screamer” goats:

  • Admire
  • Call
  • Yearn
  • Dream

When goat horns are dropped, each horn will be the same variant, even if two are dropped at once. This doesn't kill the goat.

Goat horns create a unique sound when used by players which can be heard across the world (up to 256 blocks), and each use has a 6 second cooldown.

Goat horns can also be found as chest loot, but only rarely and in pillager outposts.

Screamer goat variants cannot be found in these areas.


Baby goats do not have horns.

What Do Goats Do?

Goats like to climb the mountains throughout the Minecraft world when left to wander, along with jumping up high and ramming other mobs and blocks.

Goats also have fall damage protection taking 5 hearts less fall damage than other animals.


They won't walk on powder snow, and if they find themselves in caves, they take reduced damage from pointed dripstone.


Goats jump to either cross obstacles e.g. gaps in blocks, or to avoid powder snow.

A goat can jump up to 10 blocks vertically and 5 blocks laterally by lowering its head and launching itself.


This powerful jump has a cooldown timer of between 30-60 seconds.

Goats placed on a honey block can't jump and goats don't jump more than 5 blocks down.

Screaming Goats

Screaming goats are a very rare variant of normal goats (2% chance of baby goats that scream being born from normal goat parents) and while visually indistinguishable from normal goats, these goats scream in place of other goat noises, and a screaming goat rams much more often.

Will Goats Attack Me?

Goats in Minecraft are neutral towards the player, yet unusually for neutral mobs will not attack the player if they attack first.


Goats will however randomly ram the player which can cause knockback damage, and can potentially kill players.


Goats will ram mobs, blocks and players, as well as armor stands, if within 4-16 blocks. Goats cannot ram ghasts or other goats.

Look out for goats that lower their heads, stamp their feet and run. A player can take ½ a heart - 1 ½ hearts worth of damage, with 9 blocks of knockback when a goat rams, making goats more than capable of causing a fatal fall from a mountain.


Baby goats deal half the knockback damage than adults do, and a screaming goats ram cooldown is 5 - 15 seconds.

You can avoid a goat’s ram by moving out of the goat's path, which will cause the goat to stop within 2 blocks (unless a solid block is hit).

The only mob to react when a goat rams is the warden (apart from the player).


If in creative mode or peaceful mode, goats won’t target players.

Can Goats Be Milked?

Using an empty bucket on a goat will fill the bucket with milk, so yes goats can be milked.

Baby goats cannot be milked.

To milk a goat, follow the steps below:

  • Open your inventory by pressing E
  • Ensure you have a bucket ready in your inventory, and select it to hold it in your main hand
  • Approach the goat
  • Press “use” on the goat, holding the bucket
  • You will how have a “milk bucket” in your inventory


Milk is an ingredient in cake, as well as a drink for players that heals all status effects.

How Can You Breed Goats In Minecraft?

To breed goats in Minecraft you need to find wheat crops.

Goats will follow players when holding wheat within a 10 block distance.


Goats breed by being fed wheat, which allows them to enter love mode.

To breed a goat:

  • Hold some wheat in your main hand
  • Lead a goat towards another adult goat
  • Feed the first goat by pressing ‘use’ while holding the wheat in front of the goat
  • The goat will enter love mode
  • Approach and stand in front of the second goat
  • Press use when holding another piece of wheat in your main hand
  • The two goats will path find towards each other automatically
  • They will breed and produce a baby goat.
  • The player will collect 1-7 exp points


Feeding the baby goat wheat will decrease its maturation time by 10% each time it's fed.

If screaming goats and regular goats are bred together, the baby has a 50-50 chance of being a baby screamer.

If both adult goats are screamer goats, in the Java edition of Minecraft there’s a 100% chance the baby will be a screaming goat. In the Bedrock edition, this chance is 98%.


If two regular goats are bred, there is a 2% chance the offspring will be a screaming goat.

Can You Ride Goats In Minecraft?

You cannot ride goats in Minecraft, and no other mobs ride them in the entire game.

How Do You Tame A Goat In Minecraft?

While you cannot tame a goat in Minecraft in the traditional sense, leading a goat into a pen with a lead or wheat  can allow you to keep goats to farm for milk and goat horns.

What Do Goats Eat?

Minecraft goats eat wheat for breeding and leading purposes.

More Fun Facts About Minecraft Goats 

  • In Java, screaming goats are called “Screamer” goats, in Bedrock they're called “Screaming” goats
  • Goats don't spawn in the world at night
  • Goats can be lead on a lead
  • Goat sounds used in the game were recorded from real goat sounds
  • When goats drop their horns, one or both can drop
  • Goats dropped mutton when killed in previous versions of the game
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