Everything You Can Do With Honey in Minecraft

Honey has a lot of uses in Minecraft, and using it to cure the poison effect on players and make honey blocks for Redstone builds is just the tip of it!

Updated on May 01, 2024
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Everything You Can Do With Honey in Minecraft

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Honey Bottles Removes the Poison Effect

The first and main thing you should craft a honey bottle and use in Minecraft is to remove the poison status effect. This is very similar to how milk removes all effects on players, but not exactly. That's because consuming honey bottles only removes the poison effect.

Minecraft Honey Bottle Use to Remove Poison Effect

So for example, if you consume a night vision potion, have the poison effect applied on you like a bee or spider, and drink milk, it will remove all of the effects on you including your night vision. But if you have both of those effects, or any effects for that matter alongside poison and drink honey bottles, it will only remove the poison!

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Honey Bottles are a Good Food Source

A honey bottle can also be consumed by players and used as a good food source because a single honey bottle restores 3 whole meat legs on the hunger bar! If you want to be more specific, they restore 6 hunger points and 1.2 hunger saturation which is basically how fast your hunger bar will go down and is pretty low when compared to some of the best food items in Minecraft.

Minecraft Use Honey Bottle as Food Source

If you're planning on going on a long adventure, you should definitely use other food sources like cooked pork chops. I'd recommend you use a honey bottle to quickly restore a bit of the food bar and health in fights and short travels!

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Make Honey Blocks for Redstone Builds

Once honey blocks were introduced in Minecraft, they changed how some of the best Redstone ideas were built completely. Now you should definitely find a bee nest, collect some honey bottles, and make honey blocks to build some good Redstone structures!

You can easily craft honey blocks in Minecraft with four honey bottles placed in a square on a crafting table. And if you're falling short on some glass bottles, then don't worry as this will leave empty bottles on the crafting table which you can use to further collect more honey.

Minecraft Redstone Flying Machine Honey Block Build

When it comes to honey block Redstone builds, you should know that the honey block behaves very similar to a slime block, but not quite. They can stick other blocks and move them around, but a honey block and a slime block can't stick to each other! So keep that in mind when you craft honey blocks and build with them.

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Craft Sugar Using Honey Bottles

Because of its sugary content, a single honey bottle placed on a crafting table will give you 3 sugar! You can collect honey in Minecraft by placing a campfire under a bee nest and right-clicking it with an empty glass bottle in hand, then craft some sugar by using it on a crafting grid!

Minecraft Craft Sugar Using Honey Bottles

You should consider using this method to get sugar if you need it quickly because getting it with sugar cane is much faster. Much like the Minecraft honey uses here, you can do lots of stuff with sugar, like use it to craft various other food sources!

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Use Honey Blocks to Defend Base

Besides using it for Redstone ideas, the sticky property of honey blocks can also be used as a way to defend your base. Hostile mobs like zombies and spiders will get very slow if they walk on a honey block.

Minecraft Sliding and Mobs on Honey Blocks

Honey blocks also have another defensive mechanism, and they'll reduce your fall damage by a lot if you fall on them from a high place! If you've placed these honey blocks vertically like a wall, you can also stick on them and fall down slowly similarly to descending from vines, but unfortunately you can't climb upward on them.

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Get Honeycomb to Make More Beehives

Finally, if you've found yourself a bee nest and want a way to collect more honey bottles, then you can collect and get honeycombs from it. Then with some wood and honeycombs, you can easily make a beehive!

Crafting a beehive is pretty easy, but do remember that you'll have to populate it with some bees first. If you don't do that, then you won't be able to right-click it with a glass bottle because there won't be any honey to collect.

Minecraft Making Beehive Using Honeycomb

So if you've asked yourself what can you do with honey in Minecraft, these are all the uses you should consider and do in your survival world. Although it's very hard to collect honey, maybe the reasons above will justify the means to calm those bees in Minecraft to get some honey!

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