5 Worst Heal Heroes in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

Some of the worst heal heroes in Overwatch will seriously damaged a team, including Mercy and Moira.

Updated on Feb 12, 2024
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5 Worst Heal Heroes in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

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Ana is definitely the worst healer of all time in Overwatch 2. Although she has her own community of players, they are either really good, or flat-out awful. As a healer myself, I would have to say Ana is the one who annoys me the most if she is on my team. I get it, thought, she has a lot of healing abilities and other types of abilities, such as a sleep dart.

Ana Overwatch 2

2 /5


Lucio, although can be an effective healer, can be extremely hard to learn for new players. Because of this, Lucio players tend to be more of a distraction than helpful in most competitive and quickplay matchmaking. Unless you practice frequently with him, you can find yourself having the worst time with this character.

Lucio Overwatch 2

3 /5


Moira is fun to play with, I will not argue that. As she has a high damage output and great healing capabilities. Although the healing output is surprisingly weak, forcing many players to lean towards her damage abilities.

Moira Overwatch 2

Some may consider Ana a great healer but I just can't get on that bandwagon. She has a really low healing score in every game, and she is mainly in the back of the entire team trying to snipe enemies, which takes her focus from healing. Although she might be one of the best snipers in Overwatch 2, she is definitely one of the worst heal heroes. 

4 /5


If Brigitte could have a rework, it would be to have a speed boost. Brigitte is for those who want to feel like a tank while taking on the responsibility to heal allies. As she has a great defense, she is not considered as one of the best healers.

Brigitte Overwatch 2

5 /5

Life Weaver

Some would argue he is one of the best support heroes, although I have to say he is so terrible I forgot he was even a healer. Life Weaver is a new addition that had really low hype let's be honest. Sure he has some different healing properties, but they aren't any better than other abilities.

LifeWeaver Overwatch 2

Since Lucio is all over the place, this can really affect the team's health and MIT. As someone who actually mains as Lucio, I can tell you he is not easy to play and requires a lot of combos to ensure proper support. If you need a support player to begin with, try Mercy, but leave Lucio on the sidelines for now. 

Due to this, you will find Moira mains using their damage more often than heal, causing teams to struggle to stay alive and help Mitigate damage. Without a strong MIT, its very difficult for a team to win as Moira holds everything on her shoulders in the end.

I will have to say, though, that I have seen some of the best players out there with Brigitte during team fights with a great ability at healing tanks and other heroes along the way. Unfortunately, though, her popularity hasn't really grown, and Blizzard Entertainment should really see her as an opportunity to improve.

Besides the Lore of Overwatch and how Life Weaver makes his way into the community, you don't really need a high skill ceiling to know that he isn't a go-to healer. In any team fight, you just have to hope you are on one of the best maps to give your team a better chance for victory. 

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