10 Hardest Heroes to Play in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

Including Tracer and Kiriko, there is a small line-up of Overwatch 2 heroes to master that are simply the hardest heroes to play effectively.

Updated on Dec 09, 2023
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10 Hardest Heroes to Play in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

1 /10


As one of the fairly new support heroes, Kiriko is a difficult hero to play for novice gamers in Overwatch 2. Support is already one of the most challenging hero types to master, as you get yelled at by every Damage player as they blame healers for their lack of skill. Although as a main support player, I can assure you that Kiriko is well worth the practice!

kiriko overwatch 2

Kiriko has a great primary fire and can effectively heal teammates as she is causing damage. Although learning what works as a good combo; climbing walls, using the Kitsune ultimate ability, can slow down a player. Using the training grounds is honestly the best way to get yourself well-rounded in her hero abilities.

2 /10


Tracer is frustrating for almost any level of player, including me. For those who main Tracer, she comes as pretty easy, although do not expect to master her on your first few rounds. As one of the hardest Overwatch heroes to master, Tracer is not a first pick without proper training.

tracer overwatch 2

As I have played with this hero, she is only really effective if I know how to teleport correctly, hit enemies, and keep up with the entire team. Tracer is meant for players who can be fully aware of proper positioning, and how to play most heroes, even the worst damage heroes! Although she is a favorite among many, learn who her counters are and the best combos to compete with her effectively.

3 /10


Ana players are probably the most hated among the Overwatch 2 community, second to Tracer. If you don't know how to play Ana, you are practically useless for the team. This has been a frustrating issue for me as a support player, because all of the healing ends up being a one-player job, making her one of the hardest Overwatch heroes, in the game.

ana overwatch 2

Similar to Widowmaker, Ana uses a sniper to take down her enemies. Although she is not the best sniper hero, her healing and damage output can reach to pretty high levels. If you can master Ana, you're a good person, thank you, I love you.

Expect her to provide slower ground movement, though, as she typically lingers in the back of the team, with the player forgetting when to give proper healing aid. Learn her counters and combos, when giving heal is important, or if damage assistance is more requested; provide what's best.

4 /10


Moira is a favorite to learn, but are also known to be some of the most toxic players in the game. Without understanding how Moira supports the team, she will be one of the worst heroes to master.

moira overwatch 2

Let's be honest, Moira is more effective with damage than with heal. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as she can easily carry damage heroes if they are slacking, but she can also provide effective healing. Moira is a balancing act, so if you can master the art of the competition (when to heal, damage, push, defend, etc), you will master Moira pretty quickly.

5 /10


Genji is super badass when you know how to flank your enemy team. Otherwise, count on avoiding this character until you understand how the art of the competition works. Genji is a fast, close-range character, that is extremely vulnerable to tanks and damage heroes like Bastion.

Genji ow2

I personally love Genji, I have been playing Overwatch 2 for hours to master his character. Although when I first started playing the game, I avoided his character until I understood the game better. Heroes like Reaper or Cassidy helped me get better at close-range combat, which gave me the advantage of learning how to effectively play Genji.

6 /10

Wrecking Ball

Combat roll, or just infinity rolling, Wrecking Ball is a whirlwind of chaos. His movement abilities are like no other hero in Overwatch, making him one of the hardest heroes to play Overwatch with. I can attest, as he is not my strongest hero up my sleeve.

wrecking ball ow2

Tanks are either really easy, or really hard, and Wrecking Ball is far over on the really hard side of heroes. Being honest, even the players who master Wrecking Ball seem to just be diversions rather than effective damage heroes. He is fast, agile, and overall frustrating, but he makes a hell of a punch if you master his primary fire.

7 /10


Unfortunately, Brigitte is an underrated hero with great abilities, but hard to master for the average Overwatch player. Most gamers typically go for Moira, Lucio, or even Mercy over Brigitte simply for how slow and seemingly pointless her abilities are.

brigitte overwatch 2

As a frontline hero, I have had a struggle mastering Brigitte, as healers are typically backline heroes, being protected by their tanks and damage heroes. Brigitte is a warrior among healers, but if you get too greedy with her, you will find yourself failing and losing ground quickly.

8 /10


We all know Widomaker is just OP... but only if you know how to use her hero abilities. As one of the hardest heroes to master in Overwatch, Widowmaker turns out to be the best sniper hero, with nasty headshots, and creative scout points.

widowmaker ow2

Unless you understand how to range well with Widowmaker, along with learning how to properly snipe in Overwatch 2 (it's actually difficult for us close-range players), forget about making her your main until you figure out her movement abilities.

9 /10


Mei is arguably one of the hardest heroes to master, although not everyone necessarily agrees. Mei, for many players, is rather easy to learn quickly as her abilities are pretty straight forward. However, sometimes these simple abilities can be in the way for many reasons, which makes her pretty tough to play.

Mei overwatch 2

Mei can be extremely vulnerable even when the best support heroes are lacking their heal game; this leaves Mei as practically useless. Although learning when to use her walls, or freezing opponents, Mei will be a lethal weapon against the enemy team.

10 /10


Although a bit easier than others, Echo is a bit frustrating in her first few games. If you are new she is also a definite "do not play", as she can end up sitting on the sidelines for the whole game. Echo is really hard to get some good MIT, and kills are far too few in between.

echo overwatch 2

From all of the games I have played, I don't see many Echo players doing a fairly good job. Especially since she has so many counter heroes, players always seem to be behind on their K/D/A and overall assistance. Unless you are an Overwatch wizard, maybe keep Echo away from your playlist for a bit.

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