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The 5 Best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2

The secret and underappreciated carries of Overwatch, supports. If you love to help your team by supporting them, continue reading for the best heroes to do so.

Published on Jan 02, 2023
The 5 Best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 divides its roster into three hero types; Tank, Damage, and Support heroes. In this article we will look at Supports. They are not the type to frontline, nor the type to kill enemies (though they can quite well in some cases). They usually provide the team with heals and a secondary type of utility, like anti-heal, damage boost, or in some cases, damage. Here are our 5 best picks for the support role, from lowest to highest. 

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Zenyatta provides consistent yet mid-tier healing, and is what we would thus consider an off-healer. He can however heal from an incredible distance of 40 meters. His secondary utility is a damage increase for his team on a selected target. Zenyatta can also deal a whole lot of damage himself, with both firing modes, being able to out-snipe enemy Widowmakers. Finally, his ultimate can change the course of the game, and is why he's highly rated.

zen ow 2 banner

Zenyatta is a potent off-healer, and not too difficult to understand. He can't heal himself except during Transcendence and when he's out of combat, so he can't shine as well as the others.

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Baptiste is newer to the Support role than most and is quite controversial, with his immortality field, strong healing, and crazy damage amplification. He has great damage and even mobility too, and is really a jack of all trades in the support role.

baptiste ow 2

Baptiste forms a matrix in front of him, doubling allies' damage and healing that passes through it, turning anyone behind it into a powerhouse.

Baptiste has a great overall kit, and is a very strong support. He can get away from engages and even self-heal, but the next healers are more versatile.

3 /5


A fan favourite, Lúcio empowers his allies with music, healing or speeding them up. Speed is an underrated and powerful stat in Overwatch 2, as this enables Rush compositions to run over the enemy team. Lúcio is the only support to be able to give speed boosts. He has solid crowd control with his signature Boop, and has some of the strongest mobility in the game. If in the right hands, he is unkillable, and will kill you, whilst letting his team stay alive and move at breakneck pace. Definitely an amazing character to pick up, and his power scales with mastery.

lucio ow 2

Lúcio is a fun, powerful, and rewarding support all in one.

4 /5


Ana Amari has always been a strong pick through any nerf, with her anti-heal. She is one of the only characters in the game to wield this powerful and game-mechanic-demolishing tool. Alongside this, she can heal a great amount whilst being able to instantly swap to dealing fair damage. She holds two more of the best utility abilities in the game, one that can render any enemy useless, and one that can transform any ally into a superhero.

ana ow 2

As you can see, her abilities are simple yet overloaded and powerful. If you're looking for an easy to pick up support, Ana is the best choice. Her simple kit however can be refined, and her sleep dart and rifle can perform exceedingly well once mastered.

5 /5


A newer addition to the game, Kiriko enters with a bang. Much like Ana, her abilities are overloaded, and she comes with never before seen utility, in the form of cleansing anti-heal. Some characters can also do it, but she is the first to be able to cleanse it on allies. Cleansing anti-heal is one of the reasons she is up here, as she counters Ana, another overpowered healer. With unparalleled and honestly game-breaking mobility, overpowered damage, great healing, and a very strong ultimate, it is no wonder why she is the best support in Overwatch 2.

kiriko ow 2

This fox spirit must be important, as when Kiriko sends it forward, her team gains increased move speed, increased fire rate, faster reloading, and cooldown reduction. It is an ultimate, and the allies have to stay in the spirit's path, but it is a very strong ultimate at that.

Like Sojourn in the damage category, Kiriko cannot be caught (most of the time), and provides great utility to the team. She is the best support, and is fun to play at least. That wraps up the best support heroes Overwatch has to offer.

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