Overwatch 2 Gold Rank | All You Need To Know

Gold is the third competitive tier in Overwatch 2. Players are decent but lack the knowledge and skill to further climb. Here are a few tips to get out of gold.

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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Overwatch 2 Gold Rank | All You Need To Know

After hours of grinding spent in competitive game mode on Overwatch 2, you finally achieved the gold tier with your hard work. However, maintaining gold can be troublesome as some instances or situations prevent you from climbing your placement even further. Luckily, there are ways to follow certain factors to improve to climb from gold in Overwatch 2.


Is the Gold Rank Good in Overwatch 2?


Gold rank is a placement tier in Overwatch 2 that you can acquire once you accumulate 250 competitive points by playing rank matches. In addition, you need to pass five sub-levels in Gold to reach Platinum.

Furthermore, reaching this rank also depicts you as an experienced Overwatch 2 player. It is safe to say that reaching gold in competitive matches is favorable and viable. However, most players playing competitive matches are in platinum ranks, so you need to level up your performance to achieve a much higher rank.

What Can Help Me Climb to Gold and Out of Gold?

Getting Gold in Overwatch means you're in the middle of the pack in the competitive ladder. As you leave bronze and the silver, you'll find out that majority of Overwatch players compete here. Here are some tips to grind out of gold and into a higher threshold, like platinum or diamond; but honestly, many people climb out of it even if they mess around with tools like random Overwatch hero generator.

  • Since you're playing with randoms, it's important to play according to your role for consistency without communication. Make space for your team as a tank by becoming the biggest threat in the game. Secure eliminations as a DPS player and adjust your hero pool to what the team needs, i.e. changing to hitscan against an enemy Pharah. Finally, enable your teammates as a support by using your abilities to heal, disrupt, and damage.
  • As much as possible, play as a party when diving into competitive Overwatch. Communication is key in fast-paced game like Overwatch, so queue up with a friend or two and coordinate your targets, plays, and devastating ultimate.
  • One of the most important tips to climb out of gold is to avoid staggering or trickling. This happens when you don't fight together as a team and fight at a numbers disadvantage. When a teammate gets picked off early, consider waiting for them to come back before rushing the objective; failing to do so will cause a disastrous chain of events where your team is never complete.
  • As you jump into Overwatch 2's competitive mode, make sure you have mastered your comfortable picks beforehand. Afterward, add heroes who are good for specific maps and can counter other heroes. For example, Zarya's high-energy beams can counter a dominant D.Va. Hero switching is an important mechanic in Overwatch 2 so having a diverse hero pool is important to take advantage of it.
  • The current meta and best heroes in Overwatch 2 don't matter much in gold. Individual skills matter much more, as copying Overwatch League team comps without proper coordination and knowledge falls flat with random teammates. If you're good at Bastion, you should play it rather than a hero you aren't comfortable with.
  • Finally, keep playing in competitive mode. While quickplay is a relaxed way to test out unfamiliar heroes, competitive mode battle hardens you to players giving it their all to win. Additionally, climbing out of gold depends on you getting a positive win rate over a long time, not just a short win streak.

What Percentile is Gold in Overwatch 2?


About 32% of overall gold players are there in the current distribution in Overwatch 2. Since the ranking system from Overwatch 1 is used in this game, but the statistics are relatively still. To know what is the exact distribution in the current ranking system, you can check the table below:

RankRank IconRank Distribution
Bronze Rank Icon
Silver Rank Icon
Gold Rank Icon
Platinum Rank icon
Diamond Rank Icon
Master Rank Icon
Grandmaster Rank Icon

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