7 Best Counter Heroes for Junker Queen [Ranked]

If you really want to push Junker Queen to her limits, Orisa and Lucio are some of the best counters!

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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7 Best Counter Heroes for Junker Queen [Ranked]

1 /7


Orisa fights her way through the worst of Junker Queen and her abilities, and it easily takes a #1 spot on this list. With her unstoppable Javelin Spin, Orisa stands as a great counter to Junker Queen's shotgun blasts and other abilities. I love using Orisa as a counter for many heroes and for Junker Queen she is no exception!

Orisa countering Junker Queen

As one of the best Junker Queen counters, Orisa is huge tank rival with multiple defensive and offensive mechanisms to keep Junker Queen busy. As long as Orisa will prioritise targeting Junker Queen, she will have a really hard time getting past her or make any ground.

2 /7


Lucio is a pain in the neck for Junker Queen, countering all of her abilities with his swift and effective healing powers. Lucio can spin around Gracie forever without her getting a clean shot to bring him down. As a Lucio main, I can say that he is a fun counter against Junker, using his shockwave and sprint to keep her distracted. 

Lucio countering Junker Queen

Although support is typically meant to be in the background helping team defense, Lucio can be a great aggressive alternative to bring the enemy teams tank down fast. Junker Queen abilities just have no chance against Lucio, and he can easily counter her with his ultimate almost immediately.

3 /7


Kiriko has some really effective abilities that can shut down Junker Queen immediately. If you are not a very aggressive support hero main, Kiriko is a good medium to balance between defense and attack. To be fair, I love using Kiriko for her defense and really lethal offense strategies, so I might be biased. However, you can't argue against a talented support hero like Kiriko, driving the team to a quick victory.

Kiriko overwatch 2 counter

With Kiriko's Protection Suzu, I have easily healed any teammates nearby, while cancelling Junker Queens ability of self healing to keep her well below her optimal performance.

4 /7


Bastion is one, if not the best damage hero to counter Junker Queen abilities and overall hero strength. Behind Orisa, Bastion would be unstoppable using his tank mode as his primary fire against Gracie.

Bastion countering Junker queen

With Junker Queen's lack of ability to keep up with Bastions heavy suppression, I have had certain victory against her as the enemies tank. Although if you are a Junker Queen main, I would highly suggest avoiding the Bastion as much as possible. If he keeps his focus on you, it is likely you can never get passed him without having a good Bastion counter.

5 /7


Roadhog and his primary fire is the perfect counter Junker Queen needs. Both of these tanks are close-quarter tank heroes, although from experience using his hook to keep her from the rest of my team, greatly improved my team's win outcome.

Roadhog countering junker queen

Roadhog has been buffed many times, although that does not stop him from pushing Junker Queen out of the front lines. If you are looking for a tank that you might play with better than Orisa, Roadhog is a great alternative to use against Junker Queen.

6 /7


Zenyatta is another support that wins as one of Junker Queen counters quite easily. As she is really vulnerable against support heroes attack, you can use his Discord Orb to easily increase the damage output place on her, making her sure to fall.

Zenyatta countering Junker Queen

Zenyatta also provides excellent healing orbs and an ultimate that boosts his allies 300 HP, giving the team even more advantage over Junker Queen immediately. All the while, you can stay about mid-range of Junker Queen as Zen without getting too close to her shotgun blast.

7 /7


Although last on the list, I consider Mei as one of the best damage heroes to counter Junker Queen with her really annoying ice walls and close range countermeasures. Yes.. I also get annoyed by this hero, but she might be your only chance against Junker Queen!

Mei Overwatch 2 countering Junker Queen

Mei has been OP for quite some time, making her one of the hardest heroes to counter in Overwatch 2. This being said, she has a clear choke hold on Junker Queen to bring her down to her knees. Using Mei's ultimate, you are sure to stop Gracie dead in her tracks, and help push your team closer to victory.

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