Orisa Guide Overwatch 2

Orisa is one of the most versatile tank heroes in Overwatch 2. Find useful tips and playstyles to get the most out of Orisa!

Updated on Dec 08, 2022
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Orisa Guide Overwatch 2

What you need to know about Orisa

Orisa is one of Overwatch 2's strongest and coolest looking tank heroes when played correctly and in the right situations. In Overwatch 2, Orisa is much more mobile, though this comes at the cost of less health. This fast-paced, close-range version of Orisa loves in-your-face action. Your job in the tank role as Orisa is to absorb damage to protect your teammates, create separation between your enemy team, and dish out a respectable DPS.

Orisa's Abilities Explained

Augmented Fusion Driver

Augmented Fusion Driver

6 - 12 damage per shot


5 seconds without Fortify

Orisa's primary weapon is the Augmented Fusion Driver,  an automatic weapon that fires projectiles and relies on heat. It gives 5 seconds of continuous fire before having to "cool down". When paired with Fortify, Orisa's main weapon has a heat build-up reduction by 50%, allowing you to fire for longer periods.

Overheated Augmented Fusion Driver
Overheated Primary Fire

How to Use the Augmented Fusion Driver

This  simple point-and-click weapon's damage increases the closer you are to an enemy, while the range drop-off in damage is pretty significant. The best way to sustain your Augmented Fusion Driver is to shoot in bursts to keep your gun's heat in check, as the two-second cool down for the primary fire is too long in Overwatch 2.

Energy Javelin

Energy Javelin

60 damage (impact), 40 damage (wall)

6 seconds


The Energy Javelin is one of Orisa's abilities that packs the most damage, piercing an enemy hero, knocking the back for 60 damage and into a wall for 40 extra damage. 

Energy Javelin
Enemy Orisa hits Orisa with their Energy Javelin

How to use the Energy Javelin

This ability packs a punch and stuns targets for a few seconds, potentially canceling their ultimate or abilities. Though a single Energy Javelin can pick off weak enemy team members, it is best used on a target with low health or a hero about to release an ability.

Energy Javelin Kill



125 Overhealth

12 seconds

4.5 seconds

Fortify grants a temporary damage reduction, heals Orisa for 125 hit points (even if she is at full health), reduces heat generated by her primary fire, and makes her immune to headshots and slowing effect abilities.

Overhealth Indicated by Green on HP bar

How to use Fortify

The Fortify ability can save Orisa from a timely death, reducing the damage she takes from incoming projectiles while adding 125 hit points to her health pool. This can be used as a defensive ability to block melee attacks and enemy hits, absorbing damage for your teammates and allowing them to get picks.

Javelin Spin

Javelin Spin

100 damage

7 seconds

1.75 seconds

Used either offensively or defensively, this versatile ability is called the Javelin Spin. This ability spins Orisa's javelin, increasing her forward movement speed 50% for the duration, and 20% for two seconds after the ability expires. The Javelin spin also deals 100 damage to enemy heroes and destroys projectiles.

Javelin Spin

How to use Orisa's Javelin Spin

The Javelin Spin is best used for damage at close range and can be used to create gaps in the enemy line by pushing enemies or creating distance between flankers and your support teammates. The most impressive aspect of this ability is its potential to soak up useful enemy abilities. Like DVA's Defense Matrix, this can absorb or cancel these enemy hero abilities:

  • Ultimates: Molten Core, Barrage, Deadeye, Pule Bomb, Graviton Surge, Blizzard, Death Blossom
  • Abilities: Sleep Dart, Dynamite, Fire Strike, Charge, Biotic Grenade

Terra Surge

Terra Surge (Ultimate)

Adds 125 Health

15 DPS while charging

60-500 DPS on surge

1950 Ultimate Cost

1-5 seconds

In this ultimate, Orisa spins her javelin to create a vortex around her, stinking enemy heroes in while slowing their movement speed. Orisa can release her javelin at any point to deal a burst of damage. The move adds 125 to Orisa's health pool, but it sacrifices Orisa's movement, making her vulnerable to enemy fire

Terra Surge

How to use Orisa's Terra Surge

The longer Orisa uses Terra Surge, the more damage output she produces, potentially eliminating a squishy hero after a two-second charge. The best time to use this ability is when the enemy is grouped up closely together and at lower health.

Some believe this is one of the worst ultimates in the game, as it leaves Orisa too vulnerable. The best option for the Terra Surge is to use this in tandem with your other abilities. Push into an enemy team with your Javelin Spin to group squishier heroes together and pop the ult. Hold it until you feel you can get the maximum damage without dying, then use Fortify to add a boost of temporary health to disengage from the fight.

Terra Surge Overhead

Orisa's Playstyle

Orisa is best utilized as a push-in then push-out tank, using her abilities together to create separation between your enemy's frontline and backline, trapping enemies in rooms, dealing significant damage and getting picks, and then quickly backing out to heal and recharge.

How to unlock Orisa

Orisa is a default tank hero, available on download in Overwatch 2.

Orisa Tips and Tricks

Playing Orisa can be a challenge without proper techniques. Here are some tips to master playing Orisa:

tank character

  • Play close, but not too close. Orisa is best at close-range fights, but she isn't as in-your-face as a swinging Reinhardt. When playing against tanks like Reinhardt, keep a bit of distance between you and the enemy team, baiting them to break their position and come swinging at you.
  • Push when you have the positional advantage. Look to trap enemies in small rooms when they're stacked together.
  • HP & Cooldown advantage is one of the easiest ways of getting picks. Pay attention to enemy abilities and health bars when planning a push. Plan a Javelin Spin if you see multiple enemy heroes with low hp.
Javelin in Moira
  • Playing with other heroes who have slowing abilities is also key. Mei is a great companion champion to Orisa because of her Ultimate and her Ice Wall ability. Trapping one or two nearby enemies with an Ice Wall and Orisa's Javelin Spin is a deadly combo, and using Orisa and Mei's Ultimates at the same time keeps enemies in the damage zone for longer.
  • Time your abilities. First, push in with your Javelin Spin to increase forward speed and block enemy damage. If you still have the advantage, try to get a pick with the Energy Javelin or your primary fire. Use the last two seconds of your Javelin Spin speed boost to back out if you've lost the advantage. Lastly, use Fortify when your health drops low, to escape tricky situations, or to absorb an enemy team's ultimate damage.

Matchup Disadvantages

There is a limit to how much damage Orisa can absorb, so never engage enemies without the proper support. The DPS heroes Orisa is weakest against are those who dish out loads of damage quickly. Reaper, Sombra, and even Tracer are some she may struggle against if her abilities aren't timed correctly. Orisa may also struggle against Zarya's Energy Beam and Particle Bubble or Doomfist's Power Block.

Orisa Tracer

Orisa Lore

Orisa was made by Efi, an 11-year-old prodigy after she witnessed Doomfist's attack on the city of Numbani. She added upgrades to a decommissioned Or15, the failed protectors of Numbani, which included a custom personality and new name: Orisa.


The name comes from Yoruban origin meaning an angelic manifestation or a godlike figure. Though Orisa has proven useful in protecting the city, her AI is constantly learning between Efi's modifications and her adaptive artificial intelligence, Orisa is driven by her sense of honor to protect her city and her owner.

Orisa Efi
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