10 Best Heroes of All Time in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

Check out the best heroes in Overwatch 2 for dominating matchmaking games, with Orisa, Reinhardt, and D.Va being top choices for tank players!

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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10 Best Heroes of All Time in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

1 /10


Orisa is the number one best Hero to play in Overwatch 2, and if she was in a tier list, she would be S tier for just how amazing she is. Not only is Orisa a great alternative to Reinhardt, but she is easy to learn, and fun to play.

Orisa Overwatch 2

Orisa has two protective skills that helps boost a beginner players confidence as they are trying to avoid any kind of quick death. Meanwhile, Orisa is deadly in the hands of a professional player and can cause some gnarly kills with her combinations. If you really want to knock enemies out of control, her ultimate ability is a perfect end all be all causing great choke points for the enemy team.

2 /10


Reinhardt is just everyones go to if all else is failing. With his protective shield and over powered hammer hits, Reinhardt can cause a major dent in the enemies gain. If you are looking for a perfect crowd control abilities guy, Reinhardt is your man. Although if you are struggling to counter him, be sure to learn his Reinhardt's best counters!

Reinhardt Overwatch 2

Along with his abilities, Reinhardt is a current meta for so many players who lean towards tanks and other heroes similar. Not to mention his skins are simply primal!

3 /10

D Va

Everyone uses D Va, almost too much. As D Va is a great go to hero for many due to the win rate being a large percentage. You best believe in seeing improvements in your tank abilities after playing with D Va for your first game.

DVA Overwatch 2

D Va can also be mastered and become simply OP for the right players. This can get on the bad side of many depending on just how good you are with D Va. Some say she isn't original... but if she's good, why not?

4 /10


Cassidy has been becoming more and more a favorite among players simply for the buffs he has received since the launch of Overwatch 2.

Cassidy Overwatch 2

Once known as McCree, Cassidy has received major love from those sharpshooter fanatics out there. With his beloved Peacemaker pistol, you can make some one shot kills that are just supper gnarly against your oppressors. Cassidy is definitely Blizzard's hero shooter who makes himself by far one of the best DPS heroes of all time.

5 /10


Ashe and Bob... oh Bob. Talk about the best DPS heroes, Ashe has an awesome primary fire that is just sweaty compared to any other. Ashe is a solid pick for most heroes, as she has close range and medium range positions that make her one of the best.

Ashe Overwatch 2

Along with her main weapon, Ashe also presents her ultimate ability being her companion, Bob, dealing damage that makes her a constant threat throughout all matchmaking moments. Not only this, but the best Ashe Skins are definitely worth taking a gander if you are looking for the ultimate nemesis form!

6 /10


Bastion has to make himself present in this otherwise I wouldn't write this article. Bastion is perfect to not only piss off your enemies but just ultimately destroy them if you master his abilities.

Best Hero to Play in Overwatch 2 - Bastion

Bastion is not very hard to figure out, as he is purely meant for damage output. For him, its important to understand his health and if you have a good healer nearby. With some great support heroes, you can dominate with Bastion as a major damage hero. As one of my mains, I can say that you will not be disappointed by his performance!

7 /10


Lucio, another one of my favorites, has got to be one of the best heroes when it comes to mitigating damage and also being a fun healer. Although figuring out the best combos for him can be tricky at first, you can make some disgustingly great wins with him as your main hero.

Lucio Froggy Skin Overwatch 2

Surprisingly, Lucio is a fantastic hero for anyone with ADHD or needs some hardcore action. With the beats, sprints, heals, and shooting, you've got a whole world to figure out with this guy. As a support hero, I will always choose Lucio for any of my hardcore matchmaking moments in Overwatch 2.

8 /10


Some may consider her one of the worst healing heroes, but I argue she is one of the best healers! Mercy is mainly healing, and when you use her correctly, she is absolutely unstoppable.

Mercy Overwatch 2

Mercy has a fantastic healing boost and damage boost that can both be used simultaneously to create fantastic plays between her and some other great heroes, such as Roadhog or Reinhardt.

9 /10


Alright, before you click off of the article, hear me out; she's got skill. At least if you practice. Moira has been known to be for you toxic players out there, but let's be real: she picks up the slack from the DPS heroes who aren't doing their job.

Moira Overwatch 2

Moira is the balance between heal and damage, giving you the control of the game. Although she may be difficult to master, and people might hate you for it along the way, they will thank you in the end. As Moira's skills are simply outmatched, you will dominate the field as a healer and as a damage morphed into one.

10 /10


Many beginning and experienced players love to use Mei as their main damage hero, and I would have to agree as to why! Mei, although more on the B tier, has fantastic abilities that really keep the enemy distracted and away from main points.

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes - Mei

With her Ice Wall, I have used Mei to "bottle-neck" the enemy team, trapping them for only going to one path. This forces them to be seen in plain sight, and reduces chances of being flanked. If you need protection for a small amount of time, her Ice incubator not only distracts the team, but protect you from any incoming damage output.

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