How Much is the Battle Pass in Overwatch 2? [All Prices]

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass costs 1000 coins ($9.99) for the basic version, while the Premium Battle Pass is available for $19.99, offering additional tiers.

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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How Much is the Battle Pass in Overwatch 2? [All Prices]

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Cost

Although Overwatch 2 is free to play, to unlock all of the levels in the battle pass system will require a payment of 1000 Overwatch coins ($9.99). With the basic battle pass, you will have access to 80 tiers with a 20% XP boost to push your way through the new Overwatch 2 season.

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The cost, in my opinion is pretty reasonable, as it includes not only a mythic skin but many other cosmetics making the Overwatch battle pass worth purchasing.

How Much is the Premium Battle Pass?

Although their is a basic premium battle pass system purchasable for only 1000 coins, there is also a premium battle pass +20 tiers. The premium +20 is a bit more expensive, at $19.99, offering 20 extra tiers and other exclusive cosmetics to make each penny worth spending.

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However, the Premium Battle Pass is not the same as the Ultimate Battle Pass, which is a seasonal premium offer that Blizzard has introduced into the Battle Pass system. The Ultimate is double the price of the premium ($39.99), while including not only the rewards from the premium battle pass, but many other cosmetics.

Do I need to pay for the Free Battle Pass items?

Since the free battle pass is, well, free... you do not need to purchase anything to access the free items included. Remember that the grind is harder to maintain, with only a third of the skins and cosmetics available to you through the Battle Passes.

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Whether you prefer the basic battle pass, or even the ultimate, the money spent will overall make you level up Overwatch battle pass faster, with much higher rewards, at a rather reasonable price range.

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