A Guide on Grandmaster Rank in Overwatch 2

The peak of competitive ranks in Overwatch, Grandmaster. This article focuses on the rank where the best of the best reside. To learn more, continue below.

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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A Guide on Grandmaster Rank in Overwatch 2

Is Grandmaster Rank good in Overwatch 2?

Kind of a redundant question, but a question some people have nevertheless when starting out. Grandmaster is essentially the highest skill tier in the game, and you can't go further. The only way to further flex is to place yourself in Top 500, a rank for the best 500 players per role / competitive mode. Overwatch's competitive rank distribution tells us that only 1% of the playerbase is Grandmaster. You have to essentially be better than 99 others in a group of 100 people. So to answer the question, Grandmaster is the best rank you can get.


What can help me climb to Grandmaster, and beyond?

Since Grandmaster is the pinnacle of skill expression in Overwatch 2, it is insanely hard to get there, but definitely feasible with enough rigorous effort, and serious determination.

  • Master the meta. Knowing the current meta team compositions, and how to flawlessly play characters in that composition that fits your standard role, is key.
  • Practice every mechanic until it's right. You are up against the best players in Overwatch 2, you have to have just as good game sense, ultimate tracking, aim mechanics, as the rest of them.
  • Follow high-elo players and professional play. Whilst pro play may be a bit too advanced, as they are utterly synergistic players, their game decisions and compositions can help. High-elo players offer a more standard view on the game at your desired rank, and copying them is useful.
  • Review every game. Maybe not every game, but most games. Reviewing yourself and spotting mistakes, or even asking for a coach or friend to review, can aid immensely. Seeing common small mistakes and slowly fixing them can lead to consistent future results.
  • Join a team. Whilst there are teams for any rank, and good teams starting from Master, Grandmaster players have the ability to join serious teams through social medias. These teams usually provide a coach and reviewing sessions to help the team succeed. These lessons can be brought into normal ranked play and give you an edge.
  • Communicate efficiently. You must always communicate from Masters and above, but cluttering comms with useless information can waste time and lose you precious time where game changing information could be had. Things like upcoming combos, upcoming enemy ultimate abilities, easy to kill targets, etc., should be prioritized in comms.

What percentile is Grandmaster in Overwatch 2?

As said earlier, 1% of the playerbase is Grandmaster, or 1 in 100 players. This is the lowest percentile, for a good and obvious reason; these players are the best in Overwatch. They are the players that will start to play in teams. Climbing from a small team to a contending professional team, and maybe one day making it into the Overwatch League.

RankRank IconRank Distribution
BronzeBronze Rank Icon8%
SilverSilver Rank Icon21%
GoldGold Rank Icon32%
PlatinumPlatinum Rank icon25%
DiamondDiamond Rank Icon10%
MasterMaster Rank Icon3%
GrandmasterGrandmaster Rank Icon1%
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