Diamond Overwatch Rank | All You Need To Know

For many players, diamond is the pinnacle of their competitive aspirations. To find out what it's all about, and how to get there, read below.

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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Diamond Overwatch Rank | All You Need To Know

Is Diamond rank good in Overwatch 2?

If we look at Overwatch 1's skill tier distribution, only 10% of the player base was in Diamond. 86% of the player base was under Diamond rank, meaning you have to beat most players in skill and mechanics in order to climb there. Though it may seem difficult, with enough practice and effort, it is actually not too hard to reach. Diamond rank is thus quite good, but not impossible to get to.


What can help me climb to Diamond and out of Diamond?

Diamond is the first of the high Elo ranks, in which players will be trying properly to win, going for the coveted Grandmaster and Top 500 titles. So naturally, Platinum 1-2 players will be trying their best, too. I have a list of tips that can help you beat your opponents;

  • Platinum players are skilled, but a lot of them lack communication. Communicating with your team is unusual in higher Platinum and low Diamond, but can make the difference.
  • Master your mains, being above the average in skill means you'll beat Platinum, considered the average rank of Overwatch.
  • Try tracking ultimates. Another game sense tool that players will not use efficiently in these skill tiers is ultimate tracking. Knowing when a Genji has a game-ending nanoblade can help you fight back and counter it.
  • Keep on trying. The easiest way people lose in Platinum-Diamond is the lack of effort. Players at this rank do not usually feel the competitive motivation of the higher ranks, and will quickly lose hope if the game turns badly.
  • Do not tilt. Tilting is another easy way to lose. Grouping up with your team, accepting a bad fight, and moving on with a clear mind can win games.
  • Take advantage of the current meta. These skill tiers usually do not have a high enough skill difference to beat the meta. If you master meta characters, they will surely grant you victory over seasoned off-meta players.

What percentile is Diamond in Overwatch 2?

Only 10% of the player base is in Diamond. This number is somewhat low, as only 1 in 10 players are Diamond. The ranks above, and Bronze, still have a smaller player base.

RankRank IconRank Distribution
BronzeBronze Rank Icon8%
SilverSilver Rank Icon21%
GoldGold Rank Icon32%
PlatinumPlatinum Rank icon25%
DiamondDiamond Rank Icon10%
MasterMaster Rank Icon3%
GrandmasterGrandmaster Rank Icon1%

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