Master Overwatch Rank | All You Need To Know

Masters is one of the highest ranks you can hit in Overwatch 2. To learn more about it and how to get there, continue reading below.

Updated on Oct 31, 2023
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Master Overwatch Rank | All You Need To Know

Is Master Rank good in Overwatch 2?

According to Overwatch 1's skill tier distribution, only 3% of the total player base was situated in Masters. For reference, 96% of the player base are below Master. You will have to beat most players in the game in skill, mechanics, aim, teamwork, game sense, in order to climb to this rank, on top of being among the best 4% of players in Overwatch. And it's often not even about one hero being OP - Master players will beat most of the player base just smurfing around with a Overwatch Hero randomizer.


What can help me climb to Masters and out of Masters?

The meta and skill expression in each skill tier is very different to each other. Lower skill tiers favour easier characters and crazier plays, whereas higher skill tiers favour cleaner gameplay with coordinated moves, choosing characters that are currently the strongest. As for a list of tips to climb to Masters:

  • Learn the meta for each rank you will climb through to hit Masters, as well as the meta in Masters.
  • Practice your aim and game mechanics intensely. The experience in aim training and game sense in Masters is very high.
  • Watch YouTubers or Twitch streamers play in Masters or higher, and follow their gameplay thoroughly. Copying a high ranked player's gameplay on your main can make you discover new ways to play them, as well as new mechanics.
  • Master your mains, and stick to them, practicing them in and out of Competitive.
  • Communicate with your teammates! Masters players should be communicating in team voice and with pings, as information is key in games with higher stakes.
  • Combo ultimate abilities and think of plans during your games. Masters need strategy to win games more than the lower ranks.
  • Watch VODs of your gameplay and review them. Seeing your mistakes from an outside perspective and working on them is an insanely easy and underrated technique to climb.
  • Play consistently, and try hard consistently. 
  • Do not burn yourself out. In combination with the previous tip, your memory should keep in good performances and not bad ones. After you feel like you're underperforming, take a break.

We have many tips and strategies as Masters is a hard to reach rank. You will not need to use all of these tips for the previous skill tiers, but you should still keep them in mind and practice them beforehand.

What percentile is Masters in Overwatch 2?

Only 3% of players are Master rank, and only 4% are Master rank and above. This number is incredibly low compared to the rest, and is where the best players climb to.

RankRank IconRank Distribution
BronzeBronze Rank Icon8%
SilverSilver Rank Icon21%
GoldGold Rank Icon32%
PlatinumPlatinum Rank icon25%
DiamondDiamond Rank Icon10%
MasterMaster Rank Icon3%
GrandmasterGrandmaster Rank Icon1%

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