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Don't know which Tank, DPS or Healer to take in Overwatch? You will love our Overwatch Hero Randomizer — always up-to-date

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Blizzard Entertainment has released so many heroes over the years, and sometimes we ourselves have a problem with choosing which one we should be playing. And so, if you can’t decide which hero to play in your upcoming Overwatch ranked game, we’ve got you covered!

Our Overwatch Random Hero Picker is a service free tool that you can use to generate a character choice, including the new characters that were recently added to the game.

How Does This Random Overwatch Hero Picker Work?

As with all products of that kind, such as the famous Wheel of Fortune, we don't need multiple features – one “Reroll Hero” button does the job. Once again, this picker is completely free to use, and you can roll for as many heroes as you want in a day.

As avid Overwatch players, we love to use this tool to pick our heroes for custom 1v1 games with our friends or community; because, well, random is the only fair way of picking in this case.
This is the same technique as we use in our Random Valorant Agent Picker, which happened to be the absolute bomb for the community, and so we hope that you are going to love this random skins' generator as well!

How Do We Create Our Random Draws?

All results made by this Overwatch Hero Picker are fairly random, and it all comes down to your luck. We create random numbers using a Math.random method through JavaScript to pick a random number, which will eventually as a random hero. Nobody has the ability to impact these results, so if you have generated a random hero, well, guess it's your fate, and you are now doomed to play it.